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How do you cook amberjack fish?

Answer . \nMy favorite way to cook amber jack is to bake it with lemon and butter. Have the fish cut into steaks or filets and put a pat or two of butter on top of each pi ( Full Answer )
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What kind of habitat does an Amberjack live in?

the ocean. Well the Amber Jack A.K.A. (AJ) is a fish and does live in the ocean but it lives near the continental shelf into 200, 150, 100 ft of open water usually about 40 mi ( Full Answer )
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How do you catch amberjack?

Amberjack are often caught with lures or live bait, trolling or drifting. A very good gamefish, flesh often wormy and not good to eat.
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What kind of fish is amberjack?

An amber jack is the hardest fish i have ever tried to catch in my life i have asked older men of about 52 years on which fish is toughest well amber jack is the fish to mess ( Full Answer )
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What is an amberjack tuna?

An Amber-Jack-Tuna is a rare type of fish which is never going to happen again :) This rare rare case, has only been sighted 15 times in this past millennium. This rare case ( Full Answer )
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How do you broil amberjack?

The time it takes depends on the thickness of the filets. I'd start with about 5 minutes per inch at 350 F. I love it basted with lemon and butter while it cooks.
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How do you fry amberjack fish?

Make sure you have your slices thin. This is a tougher fish and too thick and it won't turn out. Cut in to bite-size pieces and pan fry with just margarine and Cajun seasoning ( Full Answer )