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What does ambient language mean?

Ambient language just refers to the native language a child is learning. They're synonymous. You'll see "ambient" used more in the research literature.
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What is ambient advertising?

Ambient advertising slowly started making itself known towards the late 90's. It refers to all advertising that is out of home and non-tradtional - it is exciting, fun, target ( Full Answer )
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Ambient in a sentence?

The ambient lighting in the restaurant was low, but there was a bright candle at each table.
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What is ambient air?

The air surrounding. Since you're asking about a vehicle, it usually refers to the air outside the vehicle, as in heating the air inside the cab to twenty degrees above ambien ( Full Answer )
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What is ambient stress?

Ambient stress is the stress that is directly around you. Noise, pollution, smells... anything that is in your surrounding environment can cause stress.
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What is ambient gas?

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What rhymes with ambient?

bambient - a wandering fawn hambient - a wandering pig lambient - a wandering lamb
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What is a synonym for ambient?

Synonyms : ambience , air , standard pressure , atm, atmosphere, standard atmosphere, aura, ambiance, atmospheric state
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What is an ambient manager?

Ambient Trading Managers are responsible for all grocery tradingactivity within a large retail supermarket chain. As Ambientmanager you report to the General Manager while all ( Full Answer )
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What is ambient light detector in mobiles?

The ambient light sensor is a power saving feature. It measures the luminance value of the light (think a camera with a very low resolution that can only measure brightness) ( Full Answer )