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Can anyone tell me why my 99 grand prix external temp is still displaying the wrong temp after i replaced the external ambient sensor for dual climate control?

Does it always give false readings or just at times near start up? thought this may help The outside air temperature sensor is located in the frontgrill area under the fron (MORE)
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What is medio ambiente?

I believe that it is Spanish for "environment."
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How long does it take one liter of water in a sealed steel container 5mm thick to cool to the ambient temperature of 18 degrees celsius?

We'll need a little more information here. Like the shape and dimension of the steel container. Why? Because the rate of heat transfer is proportional to the area that is expo (MORE)
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Why does my outdoor 5 ton Goodman HVAC compressor not come on until I hose down the condensate coils when the Outdoor ambient Temp is 107 Inside Ambient is 85 and rising and set temp is 79?

The system is going out on either high limit or thermal cut off. 107 is a very high ambient temperature. Therefore your head pressure is through the roof. The condensing secti (MORE)
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Fale sobre o meio ambiente em ingles?

The environment on any country, region, town or in a big city is fundamental to maintain the human being on a good health status. However, it is necessary to say that I am ref (MORE)
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If a pure Si crystal has a million free electrons inside it how many holes does it have.what happens to the no of free electrons and holes if the ambient temperature increases?

If the crystal is pure Si (no dopants or impurities) then the number of free electrons in the conduction band will be equal to the number of holes in the valence band. Each el (MORE)
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A importância da química na ciência ambiental?

Está de certo modo associada, mas não de maneira total. Tem apenas algo a ver. O mais importante na ciência ambiental é a conscientização geral de sua pres (MORE)
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Is it possible for water to freeze due to radiative cooling when exposed to the black body cloudless night sky even if the ambient air temperature is above freezing?

The short answer is yes. Ever slip on ice when you know the temperature wasn't below freezing? The air temperature is directly controlled by the amount of infrared radiated (MORE)
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Where is the company Medio Ambiente located?

Medio Ambiente is located in Spain. It is a solar energy company which manufactures photo voltaic cells and modules. It is the only solar energy company listed in the Spanish (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in 4 Ambientes - 2011?

The cast of 4 Ambientes - 2011 includes: Checha Amorosi as Violeta Julieta Bermudez as Sol Gabriel Caceres as Pablo Emmanuel Degracia as Santino Graciela Figueredo Meneses as (MORE)