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What is ambition?

Answer . Ambition is not so much the desire to achieve, but the action or method of getting to that desire, without the action it is merely a dream.. Answer . a strong (MORE)
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What is your professional ambition?

Your professional ambition should be the goal you set for yourselfin life in your career. My personal professional ambition is to getmy novel published, and hopefully get rave (MORE)
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'what are your ambitions'?

When you answer questions about what your ambitions are during aninterview, you want to incorporate something with the company youare applying to. Saying something like you se (MORE)
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What is your ambitions?

Ambitions are desires, goal, and dreams that someone wants toachieve. These people usually take steps to get where they want tobe.
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What is the Synonym for ambition?

Sense 1: ambition - desire, want goal, hope, dream, target, aim, wish, purpose, enterprise, longing, drive, passion, striving
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What is ambit of vote?

In the UK annual public expenditure is agreed between the Crown and Parliament for each government department. The Crown provides Estimates to the Commons each year. The Estim (MORE)
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What were your ambitions when you were younger?

When i was young, my neighbouring man is a professional footballer. he play for Cang Sai Gon club, his name is Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Chuong. i always watch football on Tivi when (MORE)
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What was Hitlers ambitions?

Hitler was trying to get his community to have blue eyes and blonde hair. then was trying to wipe out the jews. make his country (Germany) bigger than it was.
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What ambitions do you have?

Everyone has different ambitions but you have to find them for yourselves.
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Why do you have ambitions?

with ambititons we can believe we can conceive and we can achieve
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What is an adjective for ambition?

The adjective is ambitious . It can have connotations ofseeking success (having ambition), or of requiring great effort forsuccess (an ambitious project).
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What are your dreams and ambitions?

to become the greatest wiki answerer... and to be on more than 8 shows of countdown.
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What is ambition in Gaelic?

Irish: uaillmhian or glóirmhian Scottish:
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What is sentence for AMBITION?

When i grow up my ambition is to be a doctor. This Is My Answer MAYBE IT HELPED YOU VOTE
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What is a childhood ambition?

a childhood ambition means what you want to become when you grow you grow up you want to be a doctor ,engineer etc.
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How is ambition negative?

Ambition can become negative when you allows your ambition to be an all controlling force in your life. Being too ambitious can cause you to narrow your focus on life to the p (MORE)