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What does Ambling mean?

Walking slowly and leisurely or strolling with the suggestion that time and direction were not important.. It is also a particular gait of a horse when both legs on the same (MORE)
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How do you use ambling in a sentence?

The word "ambling" means to walk about at a slow pace. An exampleof a sentence using the word would be: We have been ambling aroundthe park for almost an hour.
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How many of each kind of animals ambled into noah's ark according to the biblical account?

This is one of the most debated question regarding the great flood. Some verses wrote two, "Of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the (MORE)
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How do you use the word ambled in a sentence?

The word "ambled" is simply a past-tense verb like walked. Here is an example on how to use the word "ambled." She ambled along the side of the road. We will amble along t (MORE)
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How do you use ambled in a sentence?

Ambled is a verb meaning walked slowly and leisurely. . As we ambled through the forest, we made sure to take in every sight and sound of our wonderful surroundings. . 'Yo (MORE)
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What does an abbot on an ambling pad mean?

A senior monk on a slow-stepping horse (or padnag). Couldmean an abbot (head of an abbey) (Preacher) on an ambling (amble-tomake a statement (pre amble)).Pad (Platform) maybe (MORE)
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What is another word for ambles?

ankle, boogie, dawdle, drift, gander, hoof it, loiter, meander, mosey, percolate *, ramble, sashay, saunter, stroll, toddle, wander
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What is an ambling pad?

Its a drum kit. Ambling means vibrating and a pad is a flat surface. Therefore an ambling pad is a drum kit.
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What is a synonym for ambled?

strolled, sauntered, traipsed, or mosey would do. But each word has a slightly different meaning.
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Is ambled verb or what is it?

Yes, ambled is a verb (the past tense of amble). It means to walk at a slow pace; stroll.
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What is the approximate of ambled?

An "amble" is a gentle stroll where you take your time to enjoy thesurroundings as you go from one place to another. An unhurried orleisurely walk.