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What is an amebas?

Amebas are animal-like protists that live in fresh water. p.s. if you dont know the answer don't post anything, please!
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How do amebas eat?

They engulf their food. The amoeba's body wraps around the food and it is ingested, then digested.
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How do amebas and other one-celled organisms reproduce?

Amoebas as well as other one-celled organisms reproduce using aprocess known as binary fission. This process is where the amoebassplit in to two pieces that are identical.
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How do amebas reproduce?

Amebas reproduce by getting close to each otherr and reproducing
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What is the movement of amebas?

amoeba move by pseduopodia and did not have any locomotary organs. They move by making podias by their cytoplasm.
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What structure holds an amebas DNA?

An amoeba has no defining cell organelles as it is a prokaryotic organism, therefore its DNA is held within the main body of the organism and is arranged as a "tangled mass" r (MORE)