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What is an amebas?

Amebas are animal-like protists that live in fresh water. p.s. if you dont know the answer don't post anything, please!
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How do amebas eat?

They engulf their food. The amoeba's body wraps around the food and it is ingested, then digested.
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How does an ameba move?

they move bay there false foot or cilia ,flagella . -------------------------------------------------. I have more confidence saying that amebas move by psuedopods ; para ( Full Answer )
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How does an ameba reproduce?

The ameba goes through mitosis. Mitosis is where the nucleus duplicates its genetic material and the cytoplasm splits into two new daughter cells, each identical to the origi ( Full Answer )
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How do ameba reproduce?

Ameba-Locomotion by psuedopodia; body naked or with external or internal test or skeleton: asexual reproduction by fission; sexuality, if present, associated with flagellated ( Full Answer )
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What is the Taxonomy of ameba?

The taxonomic classification of an amoeba is Kingdom Protozoa,Phylum Amoebozoa, Class Tubulinea and Order Tubulinida. Itcontinues with Family Amoebidae and Genus Amoeba. There ( Full Answer )
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How does an ameba eat?

The ameba is a single celled organism, and engulfs its food by using 1) Psuedopods 2) Cell membrane. The ameba surrounds its food with their psuedopods, meaning their "legs" ( Full Answer )
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How does ameba move?

Amoeba moves using pseudopod. This is commonly referred to as afalse leg which is stretched out and the rest of the body is pulledtowards it.
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How does an ameba get food?

They move around using a foot-like projections called pseudopods. Amoebas also use these pseudopods to capture food.Then creates a food vacuole around the food particle. .
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How does a ameba move?

An amoeba* moves by using pseudo-pods, or false feet. Pseudo-pods extend and contract by a reversible group of actin which are separated into micro-filaments. Micro-filaments ( Full Answer )
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What is the movement of amebas?

amoeba move by pseduopodia and did not have any locomotary organs. They move by making podias by their cytoplasm.
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Where are ameba live?

They usually live in moist places (: becase they have only 1 contractile vacuole with in this case dose not mean the have no anofe expelling the water so they would instantl ( Full Answer )
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What couler are ameba?

I assume that you are asking what color amoeba are? The answer: They most likely vary by species. There many different species of amoeba. Stereotypically, in cartoons or ill ( Full Answer )
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What is ingestion in Ameba?

The ameba extends out and wraps around a food particle in a process called phagocytosis.
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How do you get more gummies in ameba pico?

You can always get props from other people and play games. Another way you can earn gummies is to eat food or serve food, but you have to be home, when serving, in order to ge ( Full Answer )
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How do you be big in ameba pico on facebook?

It's a glitch. Apparently when you log in, everybody is small and you are the only normal sized person. This only happens once, and then the next time you log in everybody wil ( Full Answer )
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Is a ameba heterotrophic or autotrophic?

Ameba is heterotrophic. Autotrophs (from Greek autos = self , trophe = nutrition) make their own food by taking energy from the environment (sun light or other chemicals) ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a dog on Ameba Pico?

if you search through the maps, then you should be able to find an area where you can adopt dogs. but you will have to pay through ameba gold? I think I can't remember what th ( Full Answer )
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Ameba pico how to make food?

You can't make food. One way to get food spend 100 Gummies on the Gacha machine and hope that you receive food. OR you can google 'Ameba Pico Gift Links' and you'll find tons ( Full Answer )
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Ameba pico how to make cat?

u can't "make" a cat u can only adopt cats......... but if u mean the pop ups....type /nekohebi
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Is an ameba an organism?

It sure is. An amobea is a protozoa, a unicellular organism. It uses its pseduopods or fake feet to trap and eat food!
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How do you change hair in ameba pico?

if you click on yourself, an icon will pop up. in the lower right corner it says settings. click on settings. another icon will pop up and in the lower right corner it s ( Full Answer )
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What is a ID on Ameba Pigg?

An ID on Ameba Pigg is what people see as your username. It will be your online name for Ameba Pigg. You will be able to change it like on Ameba Pico.
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What is Ameba Pico?

If your on facebook search Ameba Pico Virtual World....Or if your not on facebook it doesnt matter because you can still play it...Just type in the ( Full Answer )
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How do you hack ameba?

All I could say is that maybe you can only hack the game by cheat engine or an AG or gummy producer program.
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How do you earn ameba gold on ameba pico?

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How do you get ameba gold in ameba pico on facebook?

its not easy. . . .you click your gold you should see a tab,Than you click Earn Ameba Gold and click the free ones and Walla a goldea pizza :3 NameAmebapico...
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Ameba gold cheat in ameba pico?

Well, u can, if ur a cheater,u can use the cheat engine,BUT DON USE 2 MUCH! OR U GET BANNED SOON! TRY ONLY ONCE!
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Why is the ameba slow?

Im sure it varies from species to species, but to the best of my knowlege Amoeba are not slow. Some species are effective "predators" of bacteria and are fast enough to catch ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in Ameba Pico?

Ameba pico is a virtual game where u can add buddies from all around the world and u earn gummies and u can buy ameba gold which is like a membership. be creful on this game ( Full Answer )
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What is ameba pigg?

Ameba Pigg is an online network where you can socialize, play, and chat with your friends. It is a Japanese game created by CyberAgent.
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What is ameba shape?

Amoeba have irregular shapes. The definition says it is shapeless. It was first named after the god Proteus who could change his shape.