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Who is Robbie Amell dating?

keke palmer and robbie amell arent dating robbie amell is dating italia ricci which she saids on a interview on youtube. just type italia ricci on dating robbie amell
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Is robbie amell single?

Last heard he was no longer single. He has introduced Italia Ricciwho is also a actress to the media as his girlfriend.
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What religion is robbie amell?

Robbie Amell, the Canadian actor, is Jewish. He was born in Torontoand has been acting professionally since 2005. His first film wasCheaper by the Dozen 2.
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Does Robbie Amell have a facebook?

Yes, Robbie Amell does have a verified Facebook page. Robbie is anactor and also a director. He also has a verified Twitter account.
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Does Robbie Amell have a sister?

Yes, Robbie Amell does have a sister. When he was younger, hissister would go out on modeling jobs with him.
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Where is Robbie Amell from?

He was born in Canada.. But Moved To Ontario.. Now He Resides In L.A
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Is Robbie Amell ticklish?

VERY!!! He has extremely ticklish soles and toes......filming american pie beta house the two girls in bed with him tickled his barefeet merciless making him laugh so much!!!! (MORE)
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Is robbie amell married?

I'm not sure, but on the show true Jackson VP robbie Amell was wearing a ring on the wedding finger.
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Is Amelle Berrabah a Muslim or not?

Amelle Berrabah was born into a morrocan Muslim family but her actions and her music are against Islam's teachings, therefore she doesn't act like a Muslim and she isn't very (MORE)
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How do you pronounce amell?

Amell is pronounced A-mel, long A, but some people use the short A to pronounce it uh mel, but they're commies and should be shunned by all societies if not shot on sight.
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Does Stephen amell smoke cigarettes?

It would be a shame since he obviously puts in a lot of time at thegym to keep his physique for Arrow. Lets hope not since his wife ispregnant. Of course several of the actors (MORE)