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What are Amelias strengths?

Amelia Earhart has many strengths, the most prominent of which isher determination and strong will. She never allowed anyone todeter her by telling her something couldn't be d (MORE)
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What was Amelias nickname?

emeelsor meelie or mel As a child, Amelia's nickname was 'Meeley' .
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What can you learn about amelias Earhart?

well i did a report in amelia, but i learned that we should always do what are says we should do. and that we should follow god so that he could help us to do the right choice (MORE)
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What was amelias life goal?

her goal in life was to prove that women can do whatever they wanted and could it as good as men and or even better than men
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What was amelias occupation?

she was a pilot , but she was also a nurse in World War 1 and was also a cook.
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Where did amelias airplane disappear at?

Amelia's aircraft disappeared over the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island, where they were hoping to land. This is about halfway between New Guinea and Hawaii.
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What were Amelias traits?

Amelia was single minded in pursuit of things she wanted. She wascourageous and loyal with things she believed in.