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What is meant by amenment?

\nthe 13 amenment was a long good term effect after the civil war.
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What is the definition of amen?

Amen . 'Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express assent orapproval. . [Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin āmēn, fromGreek, from Hebrew 'Ä (MORE)
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Why do pastors say amen and amen?

The Greek Old Testament would translate it as "so be it". Literally it means 'fixed' or 'sure'. I use it myself as a closing to my own prayers as a means of showing respect (MORE)
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Where did Amen come from?

It is said in the Bible numerous times. Answer: . Regarding the etymology, Amen is a derivative from the Hebrew verb aman "to strengthen" or "Confirm"..
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Sentence with amenity in it?

If your apartment complex or neighborhood has lots of great amenities, don't expect them to be free.
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What is the first amenment?

The first amendment of the American Bill of Rights consists of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious freedom, freedom of assembly, and right to petition.
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What are amenities?

Something that contributes to physical or material comfort
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What is amenities in tourism?

Amenities are structures that need to be built to cater for tourists.. Eg-Hotels, banks, post offices, shops, care hire. Stuff like that.. Amenities are structures that need (MORE)
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Was amen a god?

Yes, Amen is a Egyptian god. The name can also be spelled : Amun/Amon
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What is amenic?

"cinema" spelled backwards
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What did amen re do?

Also known as Ra (this is the sun god), he rose from a lotus bud, had two children, Shu and Tefnut, after having them he sent his eye to find them and it is said that when he (MORE)
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What is a amenities?

Amenities are comforts as in "the comforts of home" such as when hotel rooms are equipped with coffee pots, hair dryers, and irons.
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What is a amenity?

An amenity is a special "little extra" a business does to attract and keep customers. The customers usually do not pay extra for these things or the fee is very minimal.. For (MORE)
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What does amen meen?

Amen can be said at the end of a prayer or a statement of approval. It means so it be or or so be it!
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If Amen is?

If Amen is? This is not really a question but I assume that what you really mean is "What is Amen? If this is what you mean then here is your answer. Amen is a word said at th (MORE)
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What is an amenity move?

Mover towards desired features. Ex. Warmer weather or lake, golf course...
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What does amenable mean?

Amenable means that when you're able to do something. Ex. "I am amenable to have dinnner with you and your family tonight."
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What is amenity?

an agreeable way or manner
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What does amen means?

Amen means "I believe" (used to say that you believe in God) :)
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What are social amenities?

A desirable or useful facility or service that offers individuals a pleasurable social experience, an added value quality service, freely available, within the wider community (MORE)
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What are wayside amenities?

amenities means 'comfort' so way side amenities means a place or a type of construction where traveller or tourist used to take rest or full fill their necessity . way side am (MORE)
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What Is an Amenity?

An amenity is a circumstance or convenience which makes circumstances more pleasant.