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What is the amero?

Answer . Amero is the new dollar the government is creating for Can,US, and Mexico when the boarders are no more by 2010.. Answer . An Amero is the name for the currenc ( Full Answer )
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When will there be Amero currency?

The Amero is a proposed idea for a shared currency between Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. The idea is based on the Euro model whereby several European Union ( Full Answer )
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What is an Amero dollar worth today?

Amero is a hypothetical currency for the North American union , the economic and monetary union of the three principal countries of North America, namely Canada, the United S ( Full Answer )
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What will happen to the old dollar vs the amero?

There are some very general proposals circulating about thepossibility of creating a North American Union, similar to theEuropean Union. In the very unlikely event that such a ( Full Answer )
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Is the amero good?

For many people it is. For others, it's a horrible Idea. The Amero is our new North American Curreny. Like the European Union, Instead of Euros We are using Ameros. It has som ( Full Answer )
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Where is Amero?

There is no place called "Amero." . The Amero is the name of a hypothetic currency for ahypothetical monetary union of Canada, the US, and Mexico modeledafter the Euro and th ( Full Answer )
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What is an amero dollar?

The Amero is currency being made to replace the AmericanDollar,Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso. It will be currencythat can be used in all three nations. This is a scheme ( Full Answer )
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Where can one learn about amero?

One can learn more about Amero in a number of ways. One could visit a North American currency museum, view instructional videos online or one could purchase a book about Amero ( Full Answer )