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A sentence using the word amiableness?

Frank's nature was so pleasant and agreeable that others would say that his amiableness was the key factor in the success of his garden parties.
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How do you use the word amiably in a sentence?

"The townspeople responded amiably, offering overnight accommodations to the stranded bus passengers." "Sheriff Taylor always treated Otis, the town drunk, amiably and poli (MORE)
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How do you use 'amiability' in a sentence?

Barack Obama probably won that election based on his wretched amiability. The St. Bernard dogs are so good with children because of their amiability.
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What is a sentence for the word amiably?

(amiably means in a friendly or agreeable manner) "Each Labor Day, the residents amiably welcome swarms of tourists to their town." "The scientists were cautioned to act am (MORE)
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What is a synonym for amiably?

Friendly, sociable, affiable, kind, good-natured, and agreeable all work as synonyms for amiably.