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What is the root of the word amiable?

I think it comes from the latin word for friend or the like which was 'amicus' (though the I should have a long mark on!)
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What is the German word for amiable?

There are a few translations that could be used, "freundlich", "liebenswert", "aufmerksam" which word to use would depend on the circumstances in which the word is being us ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence using the word amiable?

Stacy's amiable personality made it easy to get along with her. Jolie was a very amiable girl and we became friends quickly. Most of the townspeople were amiable toward the ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for amiable?

Some synonyms for the word Amiable might be: Friendly, sociable, outgoing...that's all I have for now...Sorry. :]
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A sentence using the word amiableness?

Frank's nature was so pleasant and agreeable that others would say that his amiableness was the key factor in the success of his garden parties.
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Can you use Amiable in a sentence?

Surprisingly, I had an amiable conversation with the school's principal. She has an amiable smile.
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Can you put the word amiable in a sentence?

Yes, for example: The waitress at the restaurant was so amiable that we gave her double the required tip.
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Can i have a short passage whose tone is amiable?

The clear blue waters off Grande Jatte beckoned democratically to boaters, canoers, and waders. The play of dappled sunlight over the island's soft grass was equally inviting ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word amiably in a sentence?

"The townspeople responded amiably, offering overnight accommodations to the stranded bus passengers." "Sheriff Taylor always treated Otis, the town drunk, amiably and poli ( Full Answer )
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How do you use 'amiability' in a sentence?

Barack Obama probably won that election based on his wretched amiability. The St. Bernard dogs are so good with children because of their amiability.
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What is an amiable gesture?

Well, an amiable, or kind, gesture can simply be to give someone a nice card, or mabey help them with something.
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How can you use amiably in a sentence?

Anybody who wants to. Like this: John was amiably walking in the park when he saw a quirky squirrel.
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What is a sentence for the word amiably?

(amiably means in a friendly or agreeable manner) "Each Labor Day, the residents amiably welcome swarms of tourists to their town." "The scientists were cautioned to act am ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence containing amiable affluent and cantankerous?

Having come from an affluent family and married into one even more so, she was cantankerous by nature, but as an elderly widow she had become positively cruel, and the onl ( Full Answer )
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How do you write a sentence with amiable?

The amiable sheepdog gently picked up the kitten with his teeth. Why are so many of the aged so much less than amiable?
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What is prefix for amiable?

I think it does not have a prefix but a root word;if so the root word is ami and the suffix is able.
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What name comes from amiable?

Amabel , which was very popular in the thirteenth century. A shortened form, Mabel , came back into fashion in the nineteenth century. The mis-spelling Annabel has now be ( Full Answer )
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What is the root of amiable?

"Ami" part of amicus is the root but really the entire word is the root. Here is an example: amiable being the root word with the suffix ally - amiably
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What is the antonym of the word Amiable?

crabby, disagreeable , gloomy , hateful , irritable , mean , quarrelsome, rude , surly , testy, unfriendly
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How do you say amiable in korean?

well...actually there's no particular words to say amiable. If u wanna say amiable don't use slang too much and try to use honorific word. maybe it's amiable when foreigner ( Full Answer )
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Is amiable negative or positive or neuteral?

Amiable is a word which means friendly/pleasant/agreeable. It is therefore a positive word when used to describe something.
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How did Sherlock Holmes justify his inferences about the visitor that he was an amiable unambitious and absent-minded man?

You must mean Dr. Mortimer from 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.' Hewas amiable because he received a testimonial and a walking-stickas a gift likely from the Charing Cross Hos ( Full Answer )
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What is the connotation of amiable?

If someone is amiable, they're pleasant and easy to get along with-the word has a positive connotation attached to it.