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How do you use the word amicable in a sentence?

Amicable means friendly or agreeable. Examples: "She hung up the phone after a long and amicable conversation withher chief rival." "The two towns came to an amicable agreem ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a photo-nucleo-trans-amic-polutrize-ziptimiser?

You turn it on. Here are the steps to fix a photo-nucleo-trans-amic-polutrize-ziptimiser: 1. Build a good photo-nucleo-trans-amic-polutrize-ziptimiser. 2. Throw the perfe ( Full Answer )
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What are amicable numbers?

Amicable numbers are pairs of numbers for which the sum of the proper divisors (the divisors except for the number itself) equals the other number in the pair. The smallest am ( Full Answer )
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Amicable in a sentence?

He is an amicable, friendly fellow, always happy to communicate and share mutual interests, hobbies or sports. He is usually amicable even though circumstances might not be op ( Full Answer )
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What is amicable?

The word amicable is an adjective that relates to the spirit ofgoodwill and friendliness between relations with an absence of anyrancor or ill will. Amicable is a synonym for ( Full Answer )
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Sentence with amicable?

To be amicable is to be friendly or pleasant. A sentence using theword amicable would be, "The boys were of the same age, and wereamicable to each other."
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Who are the famous mathematicians who discovered the amicable numbers?

Pythagoras discovered the smallest pair of amicable numbers: 220 and 284. The Arab mathematician Al-Banna found a larger amicable pair, 17,296 and 18,416, but European mathema ( Full Answer )
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Is amice India ludhiana Punjab aicte approved?

no I came to know with some other's that , This instituion is recognised by the MHRD. that the AICTE works under MHRD, and also it doesnot require AiCTE recognition. only t ( Full Answer )
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Why did the native amicant cut their hair?

Men in these tribes only cut their hair to show grief or shame, ... Braids and long flowing hair are still popular hairstyles, especially among women, but also for some me ( Full Answer )
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C program to check given two numbers are amicable or not?

Take the numbers, factor them, then make a list of all the proper divisors and add them up. To factor use a Computer Algebra System like Maple, Mathematica or Axiom, if you li ( Full Answer )
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What is the amicable solution for andhra telangana problem?

The major problems that were found in Telengana regions are not related to any sentiments as claimed by the politicians... They are useless... The stress should be to provide ( Full Answer )
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What options do I have if my attorney misrepresented her fees and she will not agree to resolve amicably with me?

Write down exactly what happened. Include a copy of any written contract you signed about attorney fees. Contact your State Bar Association and ask where to send this informat ( Full Answer )
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How do you use amicably in a sentence?

(Amicably : agreeably, marked by friendliness or goodwill) Example : "The disagreement over ownership of the land was settled amicably, with each claimant receiving an equal ( Full Answer )
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What are the properties of amicable numbers?

The factors of m total n. The factors of n total m. eg 220 has factors 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 20, 22, 44, 55 and 110 total 284 284 has factors 1, 2, 4, 71 and 142 total 220
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Does Elizabeth believes that George Wickham is an amicable person?

From the time Lizzy meets Wickham, until she reads Darcy's letter, she thinks Wickham is probably the most amiable man she has ever met. After reading and reviewing that lette ( Full Answer )
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How much is the penalty charges for act of lasciviousness offense in case of amicable settlement?

A more exact description of the offense will have to be given other than an "act of lasciviousness." From the description, it sounds like a sexual assault charge - a criminal ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with amicable?

Bill and Shirley's divorce wasn't amicable, but they kept up appearances for the sake of the children.
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What does e tra you miei amic anche mean?

ethem ipek arkadaşım osman-we dont -train arkadaşlık teklifleri bekliyoruz ben 21 yaşında osman 12 yaşında tee
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Is it grammatically correct to use amicable solution?

Yes: the pair forms an adjective describing the succeeding noun. The sentence might read, say, "Delicate discussions between the senior management and union representatives l ( Full Answer )
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What are amicable pairs?

Amicable pairs are two numbers that are related in such a way that total of the divisors of each is the same as the other number. This is the case of numbers 220 and 284.
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What is an amice?

An amice is a hood or cape, lined with grey fur, formerly worn by members of the clergy.
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What movie and television projects has Martin Amic been in?

Martin Amic has: Played Louis Fouly in "Maigret" in 1991. Played Traube in "Jeunesse sans Dieu" in 1996. Played Kevin in "Boulevard du Palais" in 1999. Played Arthur in "Les j ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Els Amics de les Arts been in?

Els Amics de les Arts has: Played Themselves - Performers in "Els matins a TV3" in 2004. Played Themselves in "Divendres" in 2009. Played Themselves in "No me la puc treure de ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Fent amics - 2001?

The cast of Fent amics - 2001 includes: Juan Diego Botto as himself Josep Maria Bachs as himself Sergi Mas as Himself - Host Ariel Rot as himself Carlos Tarque as himself
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What has the author Laurent Amice written?

Laurent Amice has written: 'Cap sur l'Euro, 1999-2002' -- subject(s): Monetary unions, Euro, Money, Monetary policy