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What are amicable numbers?

Amicable numbers are pairs of numbers for which the sum of the proper divisors (the divisors except for the number itself) equals the other number in the pair. The smallest am (MORE)

What is amicable?

The word amicable is an adjective that relates to the spirit ofgoodwill and friendliness between relations with an absence of anyrancor or ill will. Amicable is a synonym for (MORE)
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Why did the native amicant cut their hair?

Men in these tribes only cut their hair to show grief or shame, ... Braids and long flowing hair are still popular hairstyles, especially among women, but also for some me (MORE)

How do you use amicably in a sentence?

(Amicably : agreeably, marked by friendliness or goodwill) Example : "The disagreement over ownership of the land was settled amicably, with each claimant receiving an equal (MORE)
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What are amicable pairs?

Amicable pairs are two numbers that are related in such a way that total of the divisors of each is the same as the other number. This is the case of numbers 220 and 284.