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What is amigo adeos mean?

amigo means friend & adeos means goodbye. adios amigo means bye friend
In English Language

Hola mi amigo?

"Hello, my friend!"
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How do you lower a Isuzu 1989 amigo?

the easiest way is to remove the old "puck" style body lifts on the frame, and install smaller ones or remove them all together, this should lower the body 1-1 1/2 inches, as (MORE)
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What does amigo means?

Amigo is another word for friend in Spanish. "Amigo" is the Spanish word for "friend".
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Where does the surname Amigo come from?

As a surname, the name Amigo, must come from one of the Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries because it means "friend" in those languages.
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What is an amigo phone?

A phone that functions not only as a phone.... but also a friend
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What is a sentence for amigo?

Amigo (Portuguese and Spanish for friend in the masculine). SENTENCE: I'm so proud of my Amigo/s!