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What does amines mean?

Amine is an organic compound that is derived from ammonia. Due tothe replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms by organic groups.
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What is lean amin?

"Lean Amine" is fresh solution which has ready to introduce into MEA Contactor to absorb sour gases from raw gas. Absorption "Lean Amine" is said to be"Rich Amine".
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Where do aminals live?

Animals live in diffrent habitats. Their habitat may be at a specific place or in a specific country or all around the world but its still their habitat their natural environm ( Full Answer )
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Uses of amines?

Amines are a molecule derived from ammonia that are integral in thecreation of amino acids in the human body. They are also used inthe production of dyes, some medications, an ( Full Answer )
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What is a native aminal?

a native animal is exacly like a ferret and rats they eat the feesies of other animals and hate real food they hate people and will atttack you at any mment of the animal day. ( Full Answer )
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What is a heterocylic amine?

Pyrrole is a 5 membered ring heterocylic amine , the fused heterocylic form of it is Indole (Benzo [b] Pyrrole)
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What are biological amines?

a type of amine synthesized by plants and animals and frequentlyinvolved in signaling, e.g., neurotransmitters such asacetylcholine, catecholamines, and serotonin; others are ( Full Answer )
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Is vinegar an amine?

No, vinegar and amine are completely different substances. Vinegar is an acidic liquid containing acetic acid produced from the fermentation of ethanol. Amines, on the other h ( Full Answer )
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Who is Edi Amin?

Idi Amin was a Ugadan dictator who ruled the Eastern African country of Uganda. He was overthrown by Museveni backed by Tanzanian troops in the 80s. He seeked assylum in Saudi ( Full Answer )
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Why do farms have aminals?

Not all Farms have animals But some do... You need sheep for the wool you need cows for milk you need chooks for the eggs And so on Hope I helped From Jana