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Who is Amir Khan?

Aamir Khan is a bollywood actor. He has strred in many films since he was a teenager. One of his recent movies is entitled, Ghajini. He has many other movies like, Fanaa and T (MORE)
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In Kuwait what is the Amir?

Emir is Arabic for Commander, General and Prince. The Kuwaiti Emir's full title is "His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait", suggesting that in his case "Amir" means he (MORE)
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What is an amir?

In Arabic, an Amir is a prince or ruler of an Islamic nation. InHebrew, the word "amir" means treetop if spelled with an alef(אמיר), and sheaf if spelled with an a (MORE)
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Is amir khan a shia Muslim?

He is a Shia Muslim. He said in one of his interviews "Aamir Hussain Khan hails from a typically staunch, conservative and orthodox Muslim family originating from the Khan cl (MORE)
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How does amir betray hassan?

Amir frames Hassan for stealing his birthday present (a watch) and even though Baba forgives Ali and Hassan a million times they still leave Kabul because they say they cannot (MORE)
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What is amir khans favorite food?

Amir Khan's favourite food is Choley Bathure. He spoke about this thing in an interview. He told the interviewers that it was his favourite food because he used to eat that da (MORE)
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Who is amir khans girlfriends name?

Aamir khan currently does not have any girlfriend. He is infact married to Kiran Rao who is a bollywood movie director. He is very happy to be with her and does not want any m (MORE)
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What does amir steal?

In the The Kite Runner book by Khaled Hosseini, Amir steals moneyand a watch and lets Hassan take the blame.