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Your husband amited to the other women he cared about her but he chose to stay with you does this mean he really wants her just stays with you cause of kids?

Perhaps. Maybe he has decided to do the right thing ... And not let his own feelings get involved. Or maybe he wants to stay with you because you and him have a family and (MORE)
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When was Ohio amitted to the union?

On February 19, 1803, President Jefferson signed an act of Congress that approved Ohio's boundaries and constitution. However, Congress had never passed a resolution formall (MORE)
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When WV amitted to statehood?

West Virginia was admitted into the Union on June 20, 1863 becomingthe 35th state to join the Union.
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How many years was that when west Virginia was amited to the union?

The mountain people of Virginia's Western counties had always resented their humble status, harvesting crops on rock-bottom money to feed the prosperous coastal towns. Like m (MORE)
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Are there any Indian sites on the Amite River?

Yes ,all along the amite north of 190 there are Nissan mounds , and earthen mounds. They are not talked about by us locals . One mound is at hwy 63 and 16 . You can see it fro (MORE)
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How many same-sex couples have married in Amite County Mississippi?

No same-sex couples have legally married in Amite county because same-sex marriage is prohibited in Mississippi by both statute and amendment to the state constitution. In 201 (MORE)
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What has the author A M Amits written?

A. M. Amits has written: 'Well-Put' -- subject(s): AJews, Anecdotes, Conduct of life, Jewish way of life