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Who is amit?

amit is a name of person who is a computer nerd and a rapper king of all hotels. He is also Indian and a lying liar. I might be a computer nerd, but I will be the one who m (MORE)
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What is meaning of name AMIT?

smelly indian, or rapper king of all hotels. **Correction- basing your opinion on the name Amit, is very racist. don't make that same mistake again. ****Correction- my an (MORE)
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When WV amitted to statehood?

West Virginia was admitted into the Union on June 20, 1863 becomingthe 35th state to join the Union.
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Who is Amit Varma?

Amit Varma is one among the several poker players who holds an impressive profile. He is not only an avid poker player but also a novelist, blogger who has won admiration for (MORE)
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When was Amit Alon born?

Amit Alon was born on September 22, 1986, in Israel.