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What is amla powder?

Answer . It's made from the Indian gooseberry which is found on small tree that grows throughout India. Its nourishing fruit makes this tree revered, worshipped as "Mother (MORE)
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Is eating amlas good for health?

Amla or gooseberry is very good for health as they are rich in Vitamin C and other minerals. It is used as a home remedy to treat conditions like cough, dysentry, diabetes, et (MORE)
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How do you make amla powder at home?

Deseed the fresh amla or gooseberry. Dry it in the sun. once it is dried up, grind it up to a fine powder. This can be used for consumption or for the hair.
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How do you preserve amla juice?

very simple extract the juice and put in airtight container and put it in the frezeer! people say its value does not destroys the whole year.............but few say vitamin c (MORE)
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Amla tree is not giving fruit?

Amla its self one of fruit only and amla and in INDIA people are use to make Pickle and also some Hair oil and Herbal Medicine.
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Can eating amla cure hair loss?

yes i thinks it works its a powerhouse of all the the essential for healthy hair , skin and nails
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I have an adversary reaction to Amla Help I have H. pylori and an ulcer that never really heals and there is always a tenderness in my stomach ...?

Check the real question that you have as "What alternative medicine cure can be used to treat H Pylori?" by using copy and paste into the ask a question or phrase search field (MORE)
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What is the Hindi meaning for amla?

It is derived from sanskrit and hindi it means clean and pure.. also in arabic it means hope..
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Can amla powder assist in weight loss?

i think so no, if you just depend on amla for weight loss,but yes if you add exercise and healthy diet with that
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Can you store amla juice without preservatives?

Yes , you can to preserve amla juice without any chemical preservative you have to add sugar equal Or cove the amount of juice you have and make a syrup it can be stored in (MORE)
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Is it ok to drink amla juice during pregnancy?

Before start taking amla juice in pregnancy, consult Ayurvedic practitioner. Person with particular dosha can not take amla juice during pregnancy. They can take amla in difft (MORE)
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Will amla hair oil reduce hair loss?

Yes, it does reduce hair loss, and promote hair growth. Also look for other possible reasons for hair loss, like (unbalanced nutrition, solar radiation, stress)
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Why you feel sweet by drinking water after eating amla?

Amla or goose berry in English has a lot of citric acid and Vitamin C which tastes sour. The chemical 'signature' of these is very similar to sugar and so when diluted it occu (MORE)
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What is the taste of amla?

Phyllanthus emblica the Nepalese/Indian gooseberry, or aamla from Sanskrit amalika, can be defined as a deciduous tree of the family Phyllanthacear It is known for its edibl (MORE)
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Is tartaric acid present in amla?

tartaric acid is present in tamarind i.e. imli vitamin c / ascorbic acid is present in amlas