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What is Amnesty International doing today?

See the Related Links for "Amnesty International homepage", "Amnesty International USA", and "Stop the Death Penalty".
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What did the amnesty act do?

The Amnesty Act of 1872 was an act passed that reenfranchised ex-confederates that previously had been barred from voting after the resolve of the civil war (re-allowed them t ( Full Answer )
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What is an amnesty?

Definition Of Amnesty The basic definition is an official pardon for someone convicted of an offense.
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What does the amnesty international logo mean?

The logo of Amnesty International is made up of two pictures.. The candle is a symbol of hope, for all prisoners and victims that are denied basic human rights.. The candle ( Full Answer )
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Who grants Amnesty?

Throughout the world, amnesty is handled differently by differentcountries. In the United States, Congress or the president cangrant amnesty.
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Does Amnesty International support the IRA?

A: . No, Amnesty Internation does not support the Irish Republican Army. Amnesty International's mission is to monitor and report inhumane and illegal treatment of people thr ( Full Answer )
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Why the amnesty International needs funds?

Amnesty International requires funds to pursue the liberation of persons illegally detained (and ultimately murdered) by theocracies around the world.
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What are the beliefs of amnesty international?

Amnesty International fights for Human Rights, to stop vilence against women, to abolish the death penalty, fight for LGBT rights, and to help vivtims of conscience.
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What does amnesty international do to achieve their aims?

Amesty International goes live at the problem place and thay camera and interveiw it all. from their website: ( Full Answer )
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Amnesty used in a sentence?

An amnesty is an official pardon for those convicted of politicaloffenses. A sample sentence is: "The President granted a generalamnesty to the rebels".
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Who is amnesty international?

Amnesty international is a group of people who write letter to governments of the world to stop human rights violations and abuses
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Why does Amnesty International do these things?

out of the kindness of their hearts so they help others in other countries and yeh. and theres nothing wrong with that. WWOOOOWW! Go Amnesty!
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What are the campaigns of amnesty international?

AI has a significant number of campaigns which also changes constantly, however the 6 key areas they deal with are: . Women, children, indigenous and minority rights . Endin ( Full Answer )
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How do you put Amnesty in a sentence?

Amnesty is usually a sort of pardon, or act of forgiveness for one party by another (usually a government or court does the forgiving). In a sentence: "He was accused by th ( Full Answer )
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What did General Amnesty look like?

uhmm I'm not tring to "call you out" but i dont think you can.... see general amnesty i think it was a plan but im not sure
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What did the amnesty act?

The Amnesty Act of 1872 allowed people who had been secessionists (for example, Confederate troops) during the Civil War vote and hold office. They had been barred from doing ( Full Answer )
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Where is amnesty international located?

The International Secretariat of Amnesty International is based in London, but they have national organisations or 'sections' located in 80 other countries. (http://www.amnest ( Full Answer )
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What tactics do Amnesty International use?

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What does amnesty international do to help others?

What they do is they try to stop all of the murders and DeathPenalties because if some who was getting the death chair hadmurdered someone the officer or person running the De ( Full Answer )
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What is scholastic amnesty?

Under special circumstances, a student who has not taken college courses for a period of at least 3 years may have an earlier, unsatisfactory academic record set aside, thus g ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference of pardon and amnesty?

Pardon is a forgiveness or release from punishment for a wrong doing or fault and amnesty refers to a pardon given to a large group of individuals. ADDING ON FROM THIS LAST ( Full Answer )
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What is the amnesty bill?

To gain an understanding of what the amnesty bill is look first at the word amnesty. Amnesty is from the Greek word amnestia which means "non-remembrance." The whole concept o ( Full Answer )
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Is amnesty international conservative or liberal?

It's as liberal as it can possibly get. Currently Amnesty Int. defends women's access to abortions and same-sex marriages. Also, it conveniently forgets to criticize blatant h ( Full Answer )
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Why do christians support amnesty international?

The aims of both the organisation and the believer's goals are similar. God created everyone equal and so everyone should be treated equally and all should have equal rights
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Are illegal aliens about to receive amnesty?

No. This time the Government of United States is looking into a Guest Worker Program which would initially give only a Work Permit to any Illegal Alien. Give amnesty means gi ( Full Answer )
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How can you use the word amnesty in a sentence?

Since amnesty means to pardon or ask for forgiveness so you could say Please give me amnesty but it depends on which amnesty you are using because another definition is a ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by amnesty?

Amnesty is a legislative or executive act by which a state restores those who may have been guilty of an offense against it to the positions of innocent people. It includes m ( Full Answer )
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What countries does amnesty international run?

It doesn't run any countries. It's a charity that is active worlwide to promote freedom to live free from political or state enforcement
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How can you support amnesty international?

You can support AI by giving them donations, by volunteering with them or by spreading their message, for example on Facebook or Twitter.
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What about this executive order by Obama on amnesty?

Actually, it is a myth, spread by conservative radio and TV stations. It refers to the "Dream Act," which supporters believe gives children who did not know they were brought ( Full Answer )
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What does amnesty international do today?

they conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human right and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.
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What does Amnesty International in the USA do?

It appears that Amnesty International petitions against the death penalty, and one may assume that they also organize protests around the same issue as was previously stated. ( Full Answer )
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What does amnesty do?

The police in the UK, often hold a knife amnesty, when people mayhand in their knives without the fear of arrest and prosecution.