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What is imputed amount?

Answer . Imputed is essentially another word for "inferred or implied".. So imputed interest for example in an ninterest expense or income that is used when none, (or an ( Full Answer )
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What is the amount of rainfall?

Amount of Rainfall is simply how much it rained. Related link is a website that shows how much it rained across the nation.
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What is the amount of an object?

It is mass thomas From Mr.Awesome Ha Ha Look In front of you and a little to the Right
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What is the amount of 10cc?

\n10cc = 10 cubic centimeters = 10ml\nThere are roughly 5ml in a tsp.\nTherefore 10ml = 2tsp
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Is killion an amount?

A killion is not an actual amount. This is probably a guess basedon the fact that previous numbers end with illion.
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How amount of rainfall?

How amount of rainfall? I don't understand what your asking, if you mean how dose it rain when its raining, i guess that depends on the storm
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Amount of settlement?

You need a more complete question. Try again. Settlement of what? Divorce? Car accident? what state?
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Stoichiometric amount?

Stoichiometric amount is enough added so there's no excess ofeither product added together. ie: CaOH+ H2CO3 in stoichiometric amounts means both are added sothe final solution ( Full Answer )
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What is amount of matter?

Matter is typically measured by mass, the basic unit being thegram. As mass is the product of volume and density, any two ofthese three quantities reveals the third.
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What is Tithe amounts?

The word tithe literally means "one-tenth." So it is 10% of something. For example, a tithe of $100 (one hundred dollars) is $10 (ten dollars). Your Tithe Expert http://www ( Full Answer )
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What is the amount of innings?

There is a total of nine innings in a game of baseball. However, if the game is tied at the end of nine innings, then the game can go into extra innings.
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What is a bail amount?

a bail amount is a set amount of money a judge decides for someone to pay in order for them to be released from jail until there court date. useually is 10% of what the judge ( Full Answer )
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What is a YTD amount?

YTD amount means year to date amount...suppose if we are calculating salary for month of April and on payslip it will show the total salary also under the column of YTD showin ( Full Answer )
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If you have gross amount how do you get net amount?

Subtract. Gross is the amount you started with. Net is the amount you have left after some was taken away. (for whatever reason) Examples: If you gross $1000 in earni ( Full Answer )
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What is the amount of pi?

The website I linked below has pi up to a million decimal places. . Pi can usually be approximated to 3.14159265. Nobody has solved the value of pi completely, since it ( Full Answer )
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What is a physics amount?

Physics has its own vocabulary. One measurement in physics is the Dyne. Physics also deals with vectors, tension and torque. Common to other sciences, physics uses the stan ( Full Answer )
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What is fixed amount?

An amount that cannot be changed, for example: "Children in need would like you to donate a fixed amount of £10" Meaning you cannot donate more or less, £10 exactly.
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What is contingency amount?

In general accounting practice, contingency amount means reserve or backup money. It will be used to manage a risk or an uncertain events. This amount will be allocated by per ( Full Answer )
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What if stamps do not have an amount on them?

If you are talking about USA stamps then it probably is a "forever" stamp good for the first class rate of one ounce or less. It is the Liberty Bell. During the last 2 deca ( Full Answer )
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Is amount a verb?

amount is not a verb or an adjective...amount is a noun because it is an idea
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What is an insubstantial amount?

Not enough to make a difference. Like adding a glass of water to the Atlantic or a dollar to the price of a car.
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What is a homophone for amount?

Oh, let's see. This is a stretch: A-mount, as in He is a-mount. He is astride his horse.
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How do you get fractions of amounts?

To find the fraction of an amount or quantity you multiply the amount by the fraction.
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What is the amount of in a yen?

I'm pretty sure 1 yin is equal to 1 penny in U.S. currency thus mean 100 yin is equal to 1 U.S. dollar.
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What is variable amount?

Variable amounts are amounts that change frequently. Variable amounts are commonly used by accountants in a manufacturing company. When products are made there are certain thi ( Full Answer )
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What is equivalent amounts?

The cat rolled jubilantly down the hill in hope of meeting the old man and getting sweet, sweet bestiality
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What is the amount of the capital?

Capital is the amount which invested by the owners of business inbusiness and refundable by business at the time of liquidation.
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What is a wholesale amount?

It's the price paid for quantities in bulk, intended to be sold on to retailers.
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What is the symbol of amount?

That depends on what kind of amount you are looking for. "Amount" does not have any units. Do you mean mass? volume? charge? number of particles? energy? All of these could be ( Full Answer )
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What is the amount matter?

Matter is typically measured by mass, with the gram being the basicunit of measure. Mass is the product of volume and density, so anytwo of these three quantities yields the t ( Full Answer )
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What is an antonym for amount?

I'm really not sure nobody awnsered my question so this isn't it just to let u know
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What is the initial amount?

The starting amount. In chemistry it would be the amount you havebefore any chemical reactions or changes happen.
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What is an allotted amount?

"Allot" comes from an old French word meaning "to divide intolots." It means to give or apportion (something) to someone as ashare or task. Your allotted amount is what has be ( Full Answer )
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What amount is a milliliter?

A milliliter is a cubic centimeter. It is an amount equal to 1/30thof a U.S. fluid ounce or 1/5th of a U.S. teaspoon
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Is amount an adjective?

No, it is a noun or a verb. Related adjectives are those for the related verb to mount , rather than the verb to amount .