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What is the amount of rainfall?

Amount of Rainfall is simply how much it rained. Related link is a website that shows how much it rained across the nation.
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How amount of rainfall?

How amount of rainfall? I don't understand what your asking, if you mean how dose it rain when its raining, i guess that depends on the storm
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Amount of settlement?

You need a more complete question. Try again. Settlement of what? Divorce? Car accident? what state?
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Stoichiometric amount?

Stoichiometric amount is enough added so there's no excess ofeither product added together. ie: CaOH+ H2CO3 in stoichiometric amounts means both are added sothe final solution (MORE)
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If you have gross amount how do you get net amount?

Subtract. Gross is the amount you started with. Net is the amount you have left after some was taken away. (for whatever reason) Examples: If you gross $1000 in earni (MORE)
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What is fixed amount?

An amount that cannot be changed, for example: "Children in need would like you to donate a fixed amount of £10" Meaning you cannot donate more or less, £10 exactly.
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What is a budget amount?

Means nothing, or a just a budget amount!
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What is the amount of in a yen?

I'm pretty sure 1 yin is equal to 1 penny in U.S. currency thus mean 100 yin is equal to 1 U.S. dollar.
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What is an amount?

An amount is a quantity of something, a total, or sum.
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How do you spell amount?

You spelled amount correctly. Example: The cashier gave me thewrong amount of change.
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What is the initial amount?

The starting amount. In chemistry it would be the amount you havebefore any chemical reactions or changes happen.
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What amount is a milliliter?

A milliliter is a cubic centimeter. It is an amount equal to 1/30thof a U.S. fluid ounce or 1/5th of a U.S. teaspoon