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What does oh l amour mean?

The words l'amour are French and translate into English as the wordlove. L'amour is also the title of a song by Erasure.
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Where does rod brind' amour live?

raleigh, NC. That's where rod brind amour lives. and we carolinians are glad to have him.
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Je amour tu?

"Je amour tu" is an incorrect, word by word translation of "I love you". The correct sentence would be. Je t'aime.
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How do you get recon amour for Halo 3?

Recon Armor is only given out by the developers of Halo 3, Bungie. In the past, they have given out the Armor to the creator of "Master Chief Sucks at Halo," as well as the ( Full Answer )
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How do you find the amour room in oblivion?

Presuming you have PC, (this won't work if u have it on xbox 360 or ps3 etc.. only PC) press ~ button (tilda) type coc_testinghall and press enter then look left and ( Full Answer )
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How do you get full amour in runescape?

\n. \nyou can buy full armor at the grand exchange it simply means a full set of something like full bronze, iron , steel, mithril, adamant, rune (full armor usually means pl ( Full Answer )
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What is the pronunciation of the French word 'amour'?

" Ah-moor " is the pronunciation of the French word amour . Specifically, the word is a masculine noun. It may be preceded by the masculine singular definite article le * ( Full Answer )
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How do you barrie bot amour aqw?

you cant get barrier bot armor and do say i lied because im a level 33 on aqw ive played it for years now and my username is kayden1234
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What are the duties of amour bearer?

Keep the amour clean and in good shape, carry it to his lord, mend the wounds, and drag the body off the field of battle.
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How do you get paladin amour in Dragon Fable?

you need a undead slayer badge which you can get from the first 3 quest at Artix the you need to click 'become a paladin' and click the wear armour button but u must have the ( Full Answer )
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What is the French word 'amour' in English?

" Love " is an English equivalent of the French word " amour ." Specifically, the French word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is " l " ("the"). Its singu ( Full Answer )
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Bonjour mon amour Cava?

Bonjour, mon amour. Ça VA ? -- "boh[n]-zhoor moh[n] nah-moor sah vah" -- Hello, my love. How's it going?
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An amour will take you by surprise what does this mean?

According to the New Oxford American dictionary the definition of the word amour; a secret or illicit love affair or lover. In spanish the word amor means love. An amour will ( Full Answer )
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What is 'Manifold de amour'?

A song released in 1994 on the Latin Playboys' self-titled debut album is what Manifold de Amour is. It also occurs on the soundtrack album released in the following year fo ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell amoure?

The French word for love is spelled amour . The Italian word for love is amore . In English, the spelling amour means a love affair, or rarely a lover. The most common us ( Full Answer )
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Runescape what is the white amour called?

Its literally called "White platelegs, White Platebody, ETC." But if your talking about robes, Its either the Druid robes, Or you could be talking about the Initiate Armor ( Full Answer )
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How do you get sharkbaits amour in aqworlds?

From the "Chest Thumping" quest from Twilly in Battleon. The quest randomly drops Shark Bait's Fin (cape), Shark Sabre, Shark Bait's Armor, and Shark Bait Morph (helm).
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Why is the amour leopard becoming extinct?

The amour leopard is endangered because people want the amour leopard's soft coat and it would pay millions of pounds
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How do you open amour sets on runescape?

You talk to the Grand Exchange clerk. It is fastest to right-click on the clerk and select "Sets". Then you must right-click on the set in your inventory and choose the option ( Full Answer )
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What is under amour made out of?

Under Amour is a trade mark for a clothing line created by Kevin Plank, that is made of a high-tech fabric blend of moisture-wicking polyester. It helps keeps athletes dry whi ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find information about under amour?

Under Amour is a brand of boxer jockey short underwear. You could find more information about it from World Rugby Shop, which is a store that can be accessed online.
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What is the specification of amour cable?

if youre reading this then you must have time on your hands...i want to discuss something, something most people are uncomfortable talking about, bullying. you may think oh we ( Full Answer )
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Why should you wear under amour?

There are two main types of under armour; cold gear and heat gear. You wear cold gear in the winter to stay warm. It's a little thicker but still skin tight to see muscles.. A ( Full Answer )
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What does Je' amour mean?

Je means "I". Amour (noun, masc.) means Love. These two words don't belong to the same sentence: I love is " j'aime ".
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What does Je vous amour mean?

Probably a bad machine translation for "I love you". It should be "Je vous aime" (verb), not "Je vous amour" (noun).
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How do you get wolf amour on oblivion?

I haven't seen wolf armor in the vanilla game, but you may be able to get it through a mod. Or you could always make it yourself using the construction set. Good luck either w ( Full Answer )
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How Do you Reply To bonsoir amour In French?

Bonsoir... It's like: what would you answer to goodnight love ? I suppose you would start by goodnight then something nice, so it depends on what you call the other in ( Full Answer )
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What kind of amour did Romans use?

The Romans used different types of armor at different times. They began with the quilted leather torso protecting type and then graduated to the chain mail type. The segmented ( Full Answer )
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Does amour have an apostrophe in it?

The word amour has no apostrophe in it but when using it an apostrophe (') is needed with de or le : Parlez moi d'amour L'amour toujours... (Used with beau , be ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Amour... amour... - 1932?

The cast of Amour... amour... - 1932 includes: Paul Asselin Sylvio De Pedrelli as Max Stern Adrien Le Gallo as Monsieur Vander Louis Lorsy Henri Marchand as Paul Berton Paul M ( Full Answer )