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What is an amour?

An amour is a lover, or an instance of courtship, flirtation, love or affection.
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What does Chez Amour mean?

It does not mean anything in French, it is likely "cher amour" (dear love).
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How do you spell amoure?

The French word for love is spelled amour . The Italian word for love is amore . In English, the spelling amour means a love affair, or rarely a lover. The most common us (MORE)
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Runescape what is the white amour called?

Its literally called "White platelegs, White Platebody, ETC." But if your talking about robes, Its either the Druid robes, Or you could be talking about the Initiate Armor (MORE)
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How do you open amour sets on runescape?

You talk to the Grand Exchange clerk. It is fastest to right-click on the clerk and select "Sets". Then you must right-click on the set in your inventory and choose the option (MORE)
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What is under amour made out of?

Under Amour is a trade mark for a clothing line created by Kevin Plank, that is made of a high-tech fabric blend of moisture-wicking polyester. It helps keeps athletes dry whi (MORE)
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What is the specification of amour cable?

if youre reading this then you must have time on your hands...i want to discuss something, something most people are uncomfortable talking about, bullying. you may think oh we (MORE)
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Does amour have an apostrophe in it?

The word amour has no apostrophe in it but when using it an apostrophe (') is needed with de or le : Parlez moi d'amour L'amour toujours... (Used with beau , be (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Amour... amour... - 1932?

The cast of Amour... amour... - 1932 includes: Paul Asselin Sylvio De Pedrelli as Max Stern Adrien Le Gallo as Monsieur Vander Louis Lorsy Henri Marchand as Paul Berton Paul M (MORE)