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What is the adverb form of the adjective ample?

The adverb is amply . Adjectives that end in -LE (mostly -able, ible, and simple, single)form the adverb by replacing the E with Y. (One, whole , drops the E and adds LY to ( Full Answer )
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What is ample resonance?

Literally, 'ample resonance' means 'full or satisfactoryconnection.' In a literary or academic context, one may use thisphrase to speak of the 'full or satisfactory connection ( Full Answer )
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What are the reasons why people read and give ample illustrations with reference to what they read?

here are 3 reasons people should read! ! ! (= . people should read because it will expand there horizon's,it will make you smart,it will help you learn. . People take it ( Full Answer )
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What is ample parking?

Ample parking, is defined as enough parking. In other words more than enough in size or scope or capacity; Ample parking means you will be able to find a place to park.
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Sentence with the word ample?

The word ample is an adjective and means more than enough. Asentence with this word is: There was an ample supply of food anddrinks for the wedding guests.
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What does AMPL stand for in a fuse box?

I Googled around a little. It seems that the AMPL terminal in the fuse block is to power an external amplifier for your car's sound system. FriPilot
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Sentence for ample?

i The romans had an ample supply of riches. that is an example but have a think about the wording ? ample actually mean lots of something and ampel means a small amount of ( Full Answer )
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Why Israel was so aggressive when there is a ample proof that the land is of Palestine?

Answer 1 The land does not belong to any one people; just the ones who are here now. Control has flip flopped between the two peoples (or I should say, one people with two v ( Full Answer )
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What does ample mean when referring to body type?

When refering to body type or shape, the word"ample" is usually used to describe someone who is clearly overweight but whom you do not want to insult by saying so.
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What is a sentence using the word ample?

Her essay was an ample representation of an epiphany. His preference for women of ample proportions was well-known. At his trial, there was ample evidence presented to convi ( Full Answer )
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A synonym for plentiful is few or ample?

'Plentiful' suggests many, so think about 'few', and you you will be able to guess the answer.
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Does Grand Canyon National Park receive ample rainfall?

The Four Corners Region never gets ample rainfall and no amount will satisfy the agricultural and industrial needs of the area. Currently the Colorado River reaches the Sea ( Full Answer )
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How would you use the word ample as a verb?

Ample is an adjective , not a verb. There is no related verbform. The adverb form is amply . Example: We have ample food to see us through the winter. (ample = sufficient, ( Full Answer )
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What does cite ample evidence mean?

This simply means that you need to back up what you're saying, either in a piece of writing or in speech. Then, whatever sources (books, websites, etc.) you use need to be rec ( Full Answer )
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What is an ample of service industry?

The service industry quite simply encompasses any business or organisation that delivers some sort of service (delivery, advertising, accountancy etc.), but is predominantly u ( Full Answer )
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What does AMPLE stand for in First Aid?

AMPLE is an acronym and (roughly) stands for: Allergies Medicines Previous medical conditions Last time the patient has eaten and how much Event History
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Is ample a synonym?

Ample can be a synonym, i.e., a word whose meaning issimilar to that of another word. And ample also hassynonyms, words with meanings similar to its own. You can look at a ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word 'ample'?

Merriam Webster's indicates the word comes from Latin (via French, via Middle English) amplus , meaning wide or large.
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Does ample mean large?

Yes, in some contexts it would be understood that ample means large. It can also mean sufficient, or adequate-- that is, large enough, or in a quantity that will cover the nee ( Full Answer )
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Can someone give you an ex ample of superstitious beliefs related to natural phenomena?

Most children wish upon the first star of the evening. Farmers still know that if cattle in a field are down on their chests (laying down), there will be rain. One of th ( Full Answer )
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What is ample in first aid?

Ample is used for teaching medical staff in remembering important information to ask your casualty. Allergy Medication Previous medical history Last meal Ev ( Full Answer )
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Is ample a verb?

No, the word 'ample' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as enough or more than enough; plentiful; large and accommodating. The hotel served an ample breakfast ( Full Answer )
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What is a good French translation for the English word ample?

Large, grand, vaste, and abondant are translations for the word ample in English to French. There are various words that can give the same meaning in both languages. Others to ( Full Answer )
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When did Annie Ample die?

Annie Ample died on January 1, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA of complications from multiple sclerosis.