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What is amu?

amu is an anime character in shugo chara ------------------------------------------------- The atomic mass unit (amu) is 1/12 from the atomic mass of the isotope 12 C in h ( Full Answer )
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What does amu stand for?

Atomic mass unit. Unit for mass for atoms & their sub-atomic particles. An electron is rounded to 0 amu (since its mass is less than 1 amu). A proton and a neutron are 1 amu e ( Full Answer )
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What is the AMU of an electron?

1 over 1,836 AMU Another answer It's negligible. It has such a low amu that it is not a factor of the overall atomic mass of an atom
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What is the AMU of carbon?

AMU stands for atomic mass units; the number of units an element has is called its atomic mass. The atomic mass of carbon is exactly 12, by definition.
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Does ikuto love amu?

Yes,I saw the part where Ikuto is going to some where other than Japan,and Utau goes to Ikuto and said bye,but Amu is late and Amu go to the Airport and She meets Ikuto.They d ( Full Answer )
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Does ikuto like amu?

yes he is deeply love with her and said so in amu room on the bed. it is because he herd tedase tell amu he was in love with her and in the night he started taking about it am ( Full Answer )
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Does amu like ikuto?

yes because on episode 102 ikuto kissed her on the cheek and she blushed and sort of smiled!!! PS:if you want to see ep 102 go on Amu acts like she doesn' ( Full Answer )
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Who does amu like?

Amu Hinamori likes both Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Tadase. She THINKS she likes Tadase more, but really she likes them both equally. SPOILER! I watched the show and the last one ( Full Answer )
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Does Tadase like Amu?

Yes, Tadase does like Amu He even confesses his love to Amu on episode 74 And he kisses her on the cheek in the last episode of Shugo Chara, episode 127 :)
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What is 1 amu?

AMU stands for atomic mass unit. 1 amu is 1.66053892 times 10 up tothe negative 27 kilograms.
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Will ikuto and amu become a official couple or amu with tadase?

Amu Will probably be with Ikuto in the end but we are not shure because the series has not ended yet. First of all the only reason she doesn't believe him when he confesses to ( Full Answer )
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Does Amu love tadase?

In the anime, yes Amu loves Tadase, but in the manga, I think she loves Ikuto.
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How many amu are there in 3.0 g?

1 gram is equal to 6.022 x 10^23 amu.. So, 3 grams is equal to 6.022(3) x 10^23 amu. or 3 (6.022x10^23)
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Who does amu love?

she likes lots of guys but Mainly tadase and ikuto. but ikuto i would probably say is the best
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Shugo chara who amu likes?

Ikuto and Tadase, even though he is selfcentered and only likes part of Amu in the anime so far. Kiseki is a chara. Amu likes Ikuto because Ikuto likes her, and in episode ( Full Answer )
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Does amu love ikuto?

yes she is in love with ikuto in the manga and the cartoon but amu dose not tell anyone and ikuto loves amu deeply you can look at episode 18/25/29/51/74/102 and shugo cha ( Full Answer )
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Will Amu and Ikuto kiss?

Yes, but only on the cheek... It's different in the Manga than the Anime... i personally like the manga better, though.... :)
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What is the amu for sodium chloride?

Just add the AMU's of Sodium and Chlorine together since the formula is NaCl. That would be:. 22.98 + 34.45, or about 57.43
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Who does amu marry?

In Shugo Chara Encore (manga)..........she ends up marrying Ikuto, and Tadase marries Lulu...........ya happy O 3 O
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The amu for protons?

Protons have an AMU of app. 1. Electrons have an AMU of app. 1/2000. Nutrons have an AMU of app. 1
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What is the amu of a neutrino?

Three different types of neutrinos are recognized. The latest work on the subject suggests that the combined mass of one of each type adds up to less than one billionth of an ( Full Answer )
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What is the AMU of Barium?

It depends on which isotope you are talking about. Bariuim-133, for instance, has 133 AMU. (Atomic Mass Units) Known isotopes of barium range from -112 to -153.
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Does amu and ikuto kiss on the lips?

In the manga Ikuto only kisses Amu on the cheek, but in Shugo Chara Encore in the anime, they might kiss on the lips! Trust me, I really hope they do x 100!
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Does Amu choose Ikuto?

ok, the series hasn't gone that far yet, but they do really love each other. after amu and tadase break up, because tadase finds ikuto in amus room, she gets really pissed/dep ( Full Answer )
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What diatomic gas with 160 amu?

The only diatomic ' GAS ' with molecular mass of 160 a.m.u. (molar mass=160 g/mole) COULD be: Bromine (Br 2 , 159.8 a.m.u.) at a temperature above 58.8 °C (boiling ( Full Answer )
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Why does amu like tadase?

Amu likes Tadase cause first of all HE IS SOOOO CUTE (even when he was little) and he is so nice and he is the prince of the school
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Can density be calculated from an amu?

The density of molecules in the form of a gas can be calculated via atomic mass. Pressure (pa) x Volume (m**3) = mols x Ideal gas constant (PaV/(mol*K)) x Temperature PV=nRT ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate the formula mass in amu?

Ex. C2H2 Formula mass calculation: (2 x Molar mass of Carbon) + (2 x Molar mass of Hydrogen) = ___ amu molar masses can be obtained from periodic table
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Is Amu Hinamori a tsundere?

Amu Hinamori is a tsundere because at first Amu couldn't really show her true self (She was shy). When she joined the Guardians she showed her true self because she felt comfo ( Full Answer )
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How is value of amu found?

The unified atomic mass unit is only a conventional unit of mass equal to 1/12 of the mass of the isotope carbon 12.
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Does amu get married?

There is no record of Amu getting married so far but i could happen in the futher if they do another series
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What is amu of propene?

C 3 H 6 is (3 x 12.000 + 6 x 1.008 = ) 42.048 a.m.u.
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How do you convert amu to liters?

You cannot. I think you mean how do you do molarity calculationsmaybe. To convert to litres, you have to have some volume or manymore bits of information