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Who invented the mule?

We don't know. Mules are a cross between a male donkey and a femalehorse and are apparently the oldest known man-made hybrid.
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What is the use of a spinning mule?

The spinny jenny was used to spin cotton yarn when it was invented in the late 1700's in England. The "flying shuttle" had recently been invented and put into use in the weavi (MORE)
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What's the purpose for the spinning mule?

The purpose of the spinning mule was to help make life easier for everyone. To also make things a little faster for everyone.
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What was the spinning mule used for?

In 1779, Samuel Crompton produced his "Spinning Mule". It is combined of two earlier inventions, "The Spinning Jenny" and "The Water Frame". . Drawing of the Spinning (MORE)
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How does the spinning mule work?

The spinning mule was used to spin cotton. It worked by moving backand forth in 5 foot lengths, four times per minute. As the machinemoved, the fibers were spun into thread.
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What are textile products?

They are products used by materials / textiles. A item of clothing as such! (Check the question: How many children did Charles the 1 have? ) 90210 was coz of me! :¬D
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What is was a spinning mule used for?

From the Wikipedia site, below: "The spinning mule is a machine used to spin cotton and other fibres in the mills of Lancashire and elsewhere."
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What led to the advancement of the British textile industry?

The industrial revolution. Certain inventions during the industrial revolution helped speed up textile production. The John Kay's flying shuttle, made in 1722, helped speed up (MORE)
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Who invented textiles?

Spinning is the basis for a Textile component to develop.Flying shuttle was invented by John Kay,Spinning Jenny was invented by James Hargreaves, Water frame was invented by R (MORE)
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Why was the spinning invented?

we dont know, a mma fighter named shonie carter used it on Matt sera on the ultamite fighter
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Who invented the muslin wheel or mule?

Samuel Crompton invented the muslin wheel in 1779, but had no way to patent it. . The yarn spinner known as a "mule" combined elements of the "jenny" (spinning engine) and th (MORE)
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What effect did the spinning mule have?

The spinning mule allowed for great expansion in the textileindustry. Also, because it was so exhausting to operate, itencouraged others to invent even better spinning machine (MORE)
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How did the spinning mule work?

The spinning mule is machine used in mills to spin cotton as wellas other fibers. It used an intermittent process to spin yarnpulling a roving through rollers and twisting, th (MORE)
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What inventions transformed the textile industry?

Flying shuttle invented by John Kay - an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster. . 1764 Spinning jenny invented by James Hargreaves - the first mach (MORE)
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The Inventor of the spinning mule?

The spinning mule was invented by Samuel Crompton, a device that combined the Spinning Jenny and Water Frame, made during the industrial revolution to make the production proc (MORE)
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Why is the spinning mule important to the Industrial Revolution?

It provides a unique tourist attraction. The national police force of Canada, the notorious Mounties, also love this animal as it is their mascot. It helped the industrial rev (MORE)
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What is batch production textiles?

Batch production textiles is the manufacturing technique of creating a group of components using textiles.
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Why was textiles invented?

It was invented because the government of Germany thought that they needed new materials for textiles.
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What was the significance or the spinning mule?

The spinning mule was a device that spun cotton. It is importantbecause it revolutionized the textile industry. Ultimately, it leadto a great increase in textile production.
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What is the modern day spinning mule?

The first spinning mule was invented by Samuel Compton during the Industrial Revolution, and the machine is still sometimes used also today in modern times.
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What are the disadvantages of the spinning mule?

Yo man. This is moi from moi computer and any bady that wants to know the disadvantages of the spinning mule should know it. Here it comes... Here it comes.... The Spinni (MORE)
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How can you recycle textile products?

You can reuse them (this is the best from an energy standpoint) . Textiles can be torn and shredded, the fibers spun into new yarn (most often missed in a low percentage with (MORE)
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How is a spinning mule powered?

The spinning mule was designed to spin cotton. In order to powerthe machine, two children and one man would work the cotton throughthe device.
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Did people like the spinning mule?

people werent very happy with the spinning mule becuase they already produced the skills and now technically had to throw them away by Elle Louise Ballantine
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What products are sold by Mighty Mule?

Mighty Mule is based in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.The company produces electrically operated gates for driveways as well as security cameras and alarms.
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How expensive are products from Textiles Direct?

Textiles Direct sells high quality, but affordable textiles. Their products range from bedding, curtains, blinds, tablecloths and cushions to home accessories.