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What is an anal fissure?

An anal fissure is basically a tear in the anal area which is very painful and can be a cause for various infections.
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What is an anal examination?

A doctor will examine the anal area for conditions such as hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and prostate conditions.
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What is analment?

Annulment regards the legal dissolution of marriage. Annulments canbe granted by courts, civil servants and clergy depending onjurisdiction and legal recognition of the marria (MORE)
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Why do you have anal hair?

The hair in your natal cleft (butt crack), is there to prevent friction between the two butt cheaks, and to keep the sweat from making a nasty mess.
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Why do you have the runs after anal?

What ever is inserted triggers your bowel and opens up a sort of doorway for what ever needs to come out .
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Do you have an anal fissure?

It will be painful in the anal area if you have a fissure (tear). It should be looked at by your doctor.
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Can you get prenant by anal?

As long as the ejaculate did not run down to the vagina during anal sex, you can not get pregnant from the act of anal sex.
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Are you anal?

a person cannot be anal. the sex technique is anal when the male puts his sex organ in the males partner anal which is part of your butt.
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How have a big anal?

Your question is not specific but if you mean enlarge, it is not a good idea.
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Do you get pregnant from anal?

The only way you could get pregnant from this is if some of the sperm went down and into the vagina. The anal passage and the vagina are not linked at any point, so you could (MORE)