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Where are the Andes?

The West coast of South America. The Andes mountain range is in South America.
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How were the Andes formed?

The Andes were formed due to compressional (or squashing stress) due to the presence of convergent plate boundary just off the western coast of the continent of South America. (MORE)
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How did the Andes form?

It was formed when south America collided with the Nazca tectonic plate! no martians did not form it! are u sure cuz i swore i saw them i sitting at the beach one day and s (MORE)
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How do you get to the Andes?

Buy an airline ticket to La Paz the capital of Bolivia, It is high in the Andes and is the highest air port in the world.
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How long are the Andes?

pretty gosh dang long if i may say by my experinxe, about the size of the circumference of the moon.
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Tourism of the Andes?

There are many natural attractions in the Andes such as mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes and volcanoes. Some tourist attractions show how people have settled in these inhospita (MORE)
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What country are in the Andes?

The Andes are the world's longest continental mountain range that run down the west coast of South America. The Andes Mountains pass through the countries of Argentina, Boliv (MORE)
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On which continent are the andes?

South America The Andes are a mountain range in western South America. The Andes Mountains spread along the west coast of South America, through countries like Bolivia, Peru, (MORE)
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What is the 'Andes'?

The Andes is a range of mountains that runs the full length of the west coast of South America.
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Plants in the Andes?

The people who have wrote 'none its too cold' put down that answer because they couldn't be bothered to think properly. This website is about being able to ask and answer thin (MORE)
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Can you ski in the Andes?

Yeah there are great places to ski in the Andes! But I have never been there personally.
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Does Andes have snow?

Yes in the southern Andes lots of it but even at the equator the highest peaks are snow/ice covered (eg Cotopaxi in Ecuador).
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Who makes Andes?

The Andes mountains are associated with the pattern of tectonic activity known as the Ring of Fire.
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Where are the Andes located?

It is located in Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Equador,Venezuela, and Peru. In South America.