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What does an angel do?

God's bidding; he is by definition a messenger of God. Heavenlyangels do God's will, while fallen angels practice deceit andwickedness. "Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that ex (MORE)

If i were an angel?

You couldn't possibly be an angel, but if you just happened to be a different person, in a different time, with a completely different purpose, this is what you'd do. You'd (MORE)
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Why are there angels?

A: Angels really only entered Judaism during the Babylonian Exile, although the concept has since been used to explain the pre-Exilic 'elohim ('gods') of the Book of Genesi (MORE)

How To Get angel?

To get Angel the moshling you need any hot silly pepper any hot silly pepper any magic beans . by Alia

What were the names of the angels on charlies angels?

in season 1, there was jill, sabrina, and kelly in season 2, it was sabrina, kelly, and kris who played jill's younger sister in season 3, it was sabrina, kelly, and kris agai (MORE)

Is angel anapiel a fallen angel?

There are arguably only three angels named in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer who became ha Satan.
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How does an angel become an arch angel?

Angels and Arch angels are of different origin. Angels are mostly concerned with the faith-survival of humans come with us to the long lasting journey to Heaven, while arch an (MORE)

How did the Angeles Angels of Anaheim get their name?

In 1961 the club started in Los Angeles and they named the team the Angels to reflect that. In 1966, the team moved to Anaheim and became the California Angels. When Disney bo (MORE)