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How did Angola get its name?

Angola's name derives from the Kimbundu word for king. The areaunderwent many changes of control over history and is still in astate of unrest.

Who is the President of Angola?

José Eduardo dos Santos is the President of Angola. He firsttook this position on 1979 September 10 after the death of thefirst president Agostinho Neto. Dos Santos was of (MORE)
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Who claimed Angola?

Angola is an African country located below Congo and next toZambia. It was claimed by Portugal during the 1880s CE.
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What are facts about Angola?

Angola's motto is 'Virtus Unita Fortior' Which is Latin for Virtue is stronger when united . Angola is about twice the size of Texas

Is Angola in Portugal?

no...Angola and Portugal are two different countries. Portugal is in Europe and Angola in Africa
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Who clamied Angola?

Angola is an a country that is found in southern Africa. Thecountry was colonized by Portugal.