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When to use ANY IS and ANY ARE?

The usage of Any as a pronoun can be singular or plural. It all depends on its intended usage. The sentence "Please let me know if any of these are bad." can have an implied ( Full Answer )
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Have any civilization in any glaxy?

well its not sure until now,because we are unable to travell fast through the glaxy,we just take information about any planet or star from the light reaching us by the help of ( Full Answer )
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Does any lighthouse have any mechanics in it?

Nowadays lighthouses are largely automatic and are unmanned. Though a very few remain with personnel permanently resident there is a rigorous servicing schedule for them.
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Do you have any information on any crickets?

preditors are praying mantis and flies the chines used to have cricket fights it eats meat other insects fruit and silk die in winter outdoor crickes
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Does any water have any ingredients?

Yes. Water is a compound of the elements hydrogen an oxygen. This is different from a mixture as the components are chemically bonded together

Is there any evidence of any UFOs?

UFO means "Unidentified Flying Object". If it is in the sky, and you yourself do not know what it is, then to you it is a UFO. The problem is that people seem to think that UF ( Full Answer )
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Is it any way or any ways?

The proper word is anyway. Anyways is not a word and is not proper English but it is used in many regions. It is a misuse of the word anyway . The word anyway is an expr ( Full Answer )
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Is there any apple or is there any apples?

Are there any apples? . If you want to be grammatically correct, it would be are there any apple s ? However, it could be is there any apple pie . You're making me h ( Full Answer )
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Do you have any riddles in any region?

Chinese riddle: 他有, 你没有, 地有,天没有? A: 也 . In Pin Yin: ta you, ni mei you, di you , tian mei you? A: y ( Full Answer )
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Is it any person or any persons?

Either is correct, but the particular choice will depend on the usage. Only one is correct for a given application. Let's look at a couple of examples and see how each is used ( Full Answer )
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Do you have any cell no of any celebrity?

NO. BUT..There are certain websites which allow fan mail....Which sends your messages to celebrity's. But Obviously nones going to have there number apart from the celebrity ( Full Answer )
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Does England have any any wonders?

Holy Island or Lindisfarne is a place of mystery and sanctuary. This small island is separated from the mainland by a narrow causeway. That's just one. There are many, many ( Full Answer )
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Any any sales today?

There are sales everywhere I look if you live in Redmond I'm always selling stuff but so are other people and things are always going on sale
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Are there any any monastaries in Quebec?

Augustinians, Panagia Parigoritissa Monastery, Holy Transfiguration Monastery , St Seraphim of Sarov Skete, Ermitage de la Protection de la Mere de Dieu
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Is there any Manatee in any zoo?

A manatee is an aquatic mammal, you'd most likely find one in an aquarium or zoo that houses other water mammals like seals, dolphins, etc.
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Have any of you or has any of you?

it's have any of you has any of you is slang The second phrase is not even slang. It's merely poor English.
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Is there any proof of any god?

It is very hard to look for long at the world and not wonder just what intelligent force made it. All creation testifies to a wonderful God of love and infinite beauty. Ther ( Full Answer )
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Are there any volcanoes on any moons?

There are several: . Earth's moon used to have volcanoes for about a billion years after its formation . Jupiter's Io has sulfur volcanoes . Neptune's Triton has volcan ( Full Answer )
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Is there any caves in any desert?

yes there are caves in deserts +++ Depending on the specific desert's geology. You may find rock-shelters eroded in sandstane by wind-blown sand, but not necessarily karst ( Full Answer )
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Why ia any called any?

Did god create everything?? Not according to Brian Cox, no we are all made from stardust... Okay soo therefore He did not create the words any or anything, unless you think He ( Full Answer )
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Did any explorers have any hardships?

Umm, yes, I think explorers had hardships like climbing mountains, foreign diseases and rations. Come on, use your brain!!!
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Are there any geysers in any desert?

Yes, geysers are found in some deserts. An example would be the ElTatio Geysers of the Atacama Desert.
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Is their any life on any of the planets?

Well, certainly no intelligent life, anyway. (The only known life at this time is on Earth, which is one of the planets.)
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Any treatments for any phobias?

Treatments for phobia usually fall under exposure therapy, which is the gradual exposure to the feared stimuli until the anxiety associated with it decreases. It should be not ( Full Answer )
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Are there any ghosts in any school?

People who believe in ghosts would say that you have to have amurder or suicide in the school for a ghost - if something horriblehas happened at a school, there's always the c ( Full Answer )
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Is there any cities that do not have any suicide?

Arguably Vatican City, but there was a disturbing shooting fray some years ago that took the life of a Swiss Guardsman, the Police Commandant , and the Commandant"s Wife. all ( Full Answer )
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Does any know any rhymes?

Jack and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down, and broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after. When up Jack got and off did trot, As fa ( Full Answer )
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Is there any country which does not have any minerals?

There are for sure countries that don't have any mines, but most countries have some sort of mineral potential. If any "country" didn't have any it would most likely be Vati ( Full Answer )
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Can you answer any?

dear Mano vardas Tina Aš pamačiau savo profilį šiandien tapo domisi jumis, aš taip pat norėtų sužinoti jums daugiau, ir aš noriu, kad siųsti la ( Full Answer )