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Why is there anime?

Answer . Well, anime (Japanese cartoons), was invented for the very same reason why American cartoons were. Simply entertainment. Once the Japanese had the television, the (MORE)
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What is Animals and You?

Animals and You is a monthly magazine that is released every month and has specials 3 or 4 times a month. It is aimed at girls 6+ who love animals. There has never been an i (MORE)
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Animals with A?

Two animals I can think of right off the top of my head are aardvark and anteater. adori achilles tang
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What are the animals?

aniamls are like werid looking humans this question does not make any sence.\n. \nLol you spelled sense wrong.
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What is animalism?

A doctrine or belief that man is purely animal, with no spiritual nature at all. Also, a state of, brutish or brutal, indifference to all but the physical wants, and appetites (MORE)
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Why are there animals?

It depends. They each were created for a reason. Like if you need milk, you go to a cow. Get it?
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How can you be an animal?

Well the answer is simple. You simply cannot be an animal unless you believe in the afterlife and that is what you choose to be in the afterlife. So practicly all I'm saying i (MORE)
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You can do for animals?

Sky waz here nd Pearl nd Stephanie. nd Malaika. Now da middle finger up and da index follows.||dUCESSZ.!||
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What animals are you?

We are gorillas Another answer We are human beings. Own natural man "is" animal like in nature though and we have to learn how to control ourselves.
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What you get from animals?

Depends what animal it is, from a cow& a goat you get milk. From pigs you get bacon, tell me what animal you are looking for.
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What animals can do?

What do you mean what animals do?!!!!!!!!Get a pet.
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What animal will you be?

Do You Mean WILL, Or Want? If WANT I Want To Be A Cat Or A Wolf. They Seem Like The Free Species. If You Mean Will, Defintley The Human.
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What can you get from animals?

Oh, a lot of things. You can get food, skins, milk, help around the farm, love, and attention.
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What was the ANIMAL?

An animal can be a mammal, reptile, bird or ocean life. Animals can sometimes be domestic or even wild. Some animals can blend in with there surroundings and protect themselve (MORE)
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Animals are what?

Animals are divided into many different groups. For Example: We are animals, but we belong in the mammals group. Where the animals have hair and they breath air and are born w (MORE)
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What you do after animation?

To make an animation, you need to work through three stages ofproduction. The first is pre-production, which involves developingideas, concepts and a storyline for your animat (MORE)
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Who are the animals?

The animals are all the creatures that populate our planet. The 'Animals' were also a world famous rock group from the 1960's and 70's.
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What is the anime?

Animé is like cartoons for all ages. It's raised by the Japanesearts and made by authors which are called Mangaka. A lot of peoplearound the world love it. Check the link u (MORE)
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What is a animals?

Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia or Metazoa. Their body plan eventually becomes fixed as they develop, although some undergo a process o (MORE)
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What does animals do?

Animals do what humans do:trying to survive. Surviving takes a lot of work especially for animals.
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What is animalization?

Animalization is the act of endowing something with properties similar to those of particular animals.
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What is an animality?

An animality is the nature of a specific animal, or the animal kingdom in general.