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What are anions and cations?

CATIONS are POSITIVELY charged ions, whereas ANIONS are NEGATIVELY charged! Here's a trick: "That cool cat is giving off some real positive vibes..." So you easily know (MORE)
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What are anions?

anions are negative ions. •SO42-. •HCO3-. •CO32-. •Cl-.
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Cations and anions?

cations are positively charged ions that are produced when an atom loses electrons and anions are negatively charged ions that are produced when an atom gains electrons. we kn (MORE)
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How are anions formed?

An anion is formed through the gain of electrons, called ionic bonding.
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What is an oxo-anion?

A polyatomic ion is an ion containing two or more atoms, usually of more than one element. An example is the nitrate ion. (NO−3 - ) This is 1 nitrogen with 3 oxygen's att (MORE)
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What are the cations and anions?

Cations are the species that have net positive charge on them while anions are the species that have negative charge over them. For eg:-. anions: SO 4 2- , CO 3 2- , S 2- (MORE)
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What are cations and anions?

An anion is a negatively charged ion with too many electrons, and is attracted to the anode while doing electrolysis\nA cation is a positively charged ion with too little elec (MORE)
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What does anionic mean?

it means a negatively charged ion, especially one that is attracted to an anode, either during electrolysis or within a vacuum tube.
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What is anionic and nonionic?

Surfactants that comprise of organic compounds are amphiphilic, andform hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups when dissolved in aqueoussolution. Surfactants with negatively charg (MORE)
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What type of elements are usually anions?

An anion is any negatively charged ion. Generally this is a trait of non-metals but it can also be exhibited by semi-metals and various polyatomics and even some metals.
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What is the Definition and formation of cations and anions?

An ion is an atom which is not neutral i.e. it has excess of charge on it. There are two types of ions: . Cation :- These have positive charge on them. They are formed whe (MORE)
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Why are cations and anions called so?

Cations are positively charged. Anions are negatively charged. Cations are smaller than the nucleus from which they are formed, and Anions are bigger than the nucleus from whi (MORE)
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Which element forms anions?

Anions are negative ions, so any element that gains a negative charge in a chemical reaction. Some examples of elements that commonly do this are the halogens (flourine, chlor (MORE)
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Do metaliods have anions or cations?

they can form either cation or anion depending on the counterpart(or the atom with which it is combining).
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Cations and anions similar?

No, cations have a positive charge and have lost electrons. Anions have a negative charge and have gained electrons. In an ionic compound anions and cations attract each other (MORE)
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What anions are in the body?

The principal anions in the body include bicarbonate, chloride, phosphate, and sulfate ions, as well as ions formed by certain protein compounds or organic acids
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What is a divalent anions?

Bivalent anions have a double negative charge: example sulfate (SO 4 2- ), carbonate (CO 3 2- )
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What are atomic anions?

An anion is anything with a positive charge. So an atomic anionmust be a positively charged atom. Atoms can only gain or loseelectrons, which are negatively charged. By losing (MORE)
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What is an anionic detergent?

An anionic detergent is a detergent in which the lipophilic part of the molecule is an anion.