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What is an annex?

The noun 'annex' is a word for a building added on to a larger one;an auxiliary building situated near a main one; an addition that ismade to a record or other document, an ap (MORE)
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Who annexed Hawaii?

The United States government overthrew the Native Hawaiian Kingdom in 1899 and made Hawaii a territory in 1900. It became a state in 1959.
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What is annex?

The word 'annex' functions as both a verb and a noun. . The verb 'annex' is to take control of a country orregion by force; to add as an extra or subordinate part ofsometh (MORE)
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What is a annex?

The term annex refers to something that has been added on tosomething larger. It may used be used when adding onto a largebuilding or when a smaller country becomes part of a (MORE)
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How do you spell annex?

That is the correct spelling of "annex" (noun, an added structure ; verb, to attach or appropriate).
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What is an annexe?

An annexe is an addition to an already present building.
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What is the proper spelling annexe or annex?

In the US, annex is both the verb and noun form (to add, or an addition). In the UK, the noun is usually spelled "annexe."
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What was found in the annex?

Mep Gies (spelling?) found the diary and in it, it explained and talked about the secret annex. Mep then gave the diary to Otto, Anne's father, and then he knew about it. Then (MORE)
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Who did Napoleon Annex?

Napoleon Bonaparte had many victories in Europe. One of the areashe annexed to the French empire was the Papal States in 1809.
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How was Texas annexed?

southerners favored the annexation of Texas, but northerners objected that Texas would add another slave state to the union.
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Who annexed Korea?

Japan annexed Korea and had control of it until it lost WWII and the Allied Powers USSR occupied the North and USA occupied the south.
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When Guam was annexed?

Guam has not been annexed. It created the Organic Act in 1950 to establish a government. Before that, it was controlled by the U.S.(Naval) Military commander.
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What is secrect Annex?

the secret annex is the small apartment where Anne Frank, her family, and a few others lived during the holocaust.
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Why is the annex secret?

Because they were in hiding! Only a few people knew and if the Germans found out they were hiding there they would have to be sent to concentration camps. So it had to be secr (MORE)
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How do you spell annexes?

That is the proper spelling for the word "annexes" (plural noun, or to annex - to claim ).
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When was hawwii annexed?

Not that it has anything to do with the question, but you misspelled Hawaii. Anyway, Hawaii was annexed in 1898. Hawaii was known as the Territory of Hawaii until 1959. In 195 (MORE)
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What is the noun for annex?

The word annex is both a noun (annex, annexes) and a verb (annex, annexes, annexing, annexed); for example: Noun: They built an annex to the hospital for outpatient services (MORE)
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What do you mean by annex?

Verb . Append or add as an extra or subordinate part, esp. to a document.. Noun . A building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or (MORE)
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What is an annexer?

An annexer is someone who annexes, who adds incorporates, or extends something.