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What is an annex?

The noun 'annex' is a word for a building added on to a larger one;an auxiliary building situated near a main one; an addition that ismade to a record or other document, an ap (MORE)
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What is annexation?

To take pocession of an area of land or country, and add it to a larger area. This is usually done by force.
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What is annex?

The word 'annex' functions as both a verb and a noun. . The verb 'annex' is to take control of a country orregion by force; to add as an extra or subordinate part ofsometh (MORE)
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Annexation of Hawaii?

The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and annexation of Hawaii represents a imperial period in American history. The loss of Queen Lili'uokalani was seen as unfair, unjust, a (MORE)
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When was the Texas annexation?

Texas was annexed and became a US state in the same year. It was in1845. Texas entered the Union as a slave state.
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What is a annex?

The term annex refers to something that has been added on tosomething larger. It may used be used when adding onto a largebuilding or when a smaller country becomes part of a (MORE)
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What was Texas Annexation?

After Texas gaining their independence from Mexico. Texas asked the US to annex them thus entering the union as a slave state.
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What was the annexation of Hawaii?

McKinley ignored Cleveland's wishes of leaving Hawaii alone and decided to take it over as a new addition to America. A treaty was agreed on, but never signed by the Senate. (MORE)
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How do you spell annex?

That is the correct spelling of "annex" (noun, an added structure ; verb, to attach or appropriate).
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What is an annexe?

An annexe is an addition to an already present building.
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What is the proper spelling annexe or annex?

In the US, annex is both the verb and noun form (to add, or an addition). In the UK, the noun is usually spelled "annexe."
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Why is the annex secret?

Because they were in hiding! Only a few people knew and if the Germans found out they were hiding there they would have to be sent to concentration camps. So it had to be secr (MORE)
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How do you spell annexes?

That is the proper spelling for the word "annexes" (plural noun, or to annex - to claim ).
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What is the annexation club?

It was formerly another group who wanted to overthrow the Hawaiian Monarch Government of Hawaii which was the "Hawaiian League" also now known as the "Annexation Club".
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When was hawwii annexed?

Not that it has anything to do with the question, but you misspelled Hawaii. Anyway, Hawaii was annexed in 1898. Hawaii was known as the Territory of Hawaii until 1959. In 195 (MORE)
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Is annexation a verb?

Annexation as in the action "to add, attach or incorporate" is averb. Annexation as in a building added onto a larger one is a noun. A verb is a word that describes either a (MORE)
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Why is annexation bad?

Your taxes and fees will go up, up and up. Even a cave man knows that.
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What is the noun for annex?

The word annex is both a noun (annex, annexes) and a verb (annex, annexes, annexing, annexed); for example: Noun: They built an annex to the hospital for outpatient services (MORE)
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What was the roman annexation?

The term Roman annexation refers to the annexation of territories\nto the Roman Empire as a Roman province. Sometimes newly conquered territories\nwere annexed to the empire i (MORE)
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What do you mean by annex?

Verb . Append or add as an extra or subordinate part, esp. to a document.. Noun . A building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or (MORE)
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What is an annexer?

An annexer is someone who annexes, who adds incorporates, or extends something.