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What are all the types of anodes?

1. M.M.O.(MIXED METAL OXIDE). 2. MAGNESIUM ANODE. 3. ALUMINIUM ANODE. 4. ZINC ANODE. 5. PURE IRON ANODE. 6. PENCIL ANODE. 7. H.S.C.I. ANODE(high silicon cast iron). 8. ( Full Answer )
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What do you use to paint anodized aluminum?

ANSWER: you can use anything you want, just make sure to use a primer paint designated for metal and make sure the surface is clean and dry. I would look into using an auto ( Full Answer )
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How does anodizing work?

Answer . Anodizing , or anodising , is an process used to increase the thickness and de ( Full Answer )
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What is anodic?

In Chemistry an anodic is an electroplating cell in an electrode inwhich it gets a negative charge as in a negative charge from achemical reaction in a battery.
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Can you anodize aluminum?

yes you can anodize aluminum. it is used to harden and also to color aluminum
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What are anodes?

An anode is an electrode through which electric current flows into a polarized electrical device. The direction of electric current is, by convention, opposite to the direct ( Full Answer )
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Difference between a cathode and anode?

Anode is positive and cathode is negative. Cathode is the longest led frame. Anode is where the oxidation reaction takes place while cathode iswhere the reduction reaction ta ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of an anode?

preventing macro-cell corrosion . It has an indicator of depletion. . It has an indicator of depletion.
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Why DNA running from anode to cathode?

DNA runs from the cathode (-ve electrode) the the anode (+ve electrode) because DNA is negativly charged. This charge exists because of the phosphate backbone of DNA.
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What does anode surtension mean?

Anode means A metal rod inserted into the air water heater to extend the lifeof the tank
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What does an anode do?

apprently it attracts corrosion so it saves the head or block from corroding. the anode corrodes instead.
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What is a sacrificial anode?

A sacrificial anode is a piece of corrodible metal which ispreferentially consumed by electrolytic action.
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What are anode rays?

Anode rays are positive ion streams which goes from anode to cathode =)) They go opposite site of cathode rays.
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What is cathode and anode?

cathode is electron negative but anode is positive Answer For electrochemical cells, electrons travel through the external circuit from the anode to the cathode.
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What is anodic oxidation?

\n. Is the electrolytic process when electron is liberated at the anode oxidises ion around it e.g. Ferrous ion into Ferric ion
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Are anode rays emitted from anode?

There are no rays assign as anode rays (cathode rays are there in a discharge tube) but during discharge tube experiment positive rays are observed which are generated by deco ( Full Answer )
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What is an anode made from?

Anode is the negative terminal of a battery. It is made of Tungstenwhich is the same metal used in the filaments of bulbs.
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What are anodes made of?

It is made out of magnesium or aluminum that form around a steel core wire.
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How do Impressed Current anodes work?

i dont know use rectifier just invert ac to dc and supplied to anodes positive to steel negative
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Is hard anodized cookware nonstick?

Hard anodized cookware has non-stick properties, due to chemical anodizing of the aluminum cookware that creates a hard non-stick like surface. It is not like teflon coated no ( Full Answer )
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Why anodes are positive?

That's a purely arbitrary convention that goes back to the first experiments with electricity (see Ben Franklin).
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How two determine anode for LED?

If it's a thru-hole LED, the anode is the longer pin. If it's a used part and part had its pins cut off, the larger electrode inside is the cathode.
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What is an anode in chemistry?

An anode is the electrode where oxidation reactions take place. Anodes are positively charged and attract a nions and expel e lectrons.
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Why are cathode electrons attracted to anode?

The force between charges is repulsive between charges with the same sign, and attractive between charges with opposite signs. The cathode is charged negative, and the an ( Full Answer )
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How is anode inserted in a linked list?

suppose that a linked list which have 4 nodes. Example:- 10->20->30->25->50->NULL there is three way to insert the node in this list. 1. from beginning position 2. from end ( Full Answer )
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What is cathode rays and anode rays?

Cathode rays originate from cathode. Cathode rays travel in a straight line. Cathode rays carry a negative charge. Anode rays do not originate from anode. Anode rays are posit ( Full Answer )
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Is a zinc anode acts the terminal?

No. It seems Zinc would always act as the negative terminal. Anode and Cathode are the terms used when we connect an external electrical source to the device. If positive term ( Full Answer )
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Who discover anode rays?

Dr. Eugen Goldstein was a German physicist who was an early researcher in the area of discharge tubes and atoms, and has also been credited with the discovery of the proton. ( Full Answer )
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Will electrons flow from anode to cathod?

"from anode to cathode". Normally, no. Taking a radio valve (electron tube), since the anode is positive compared to the cathode, and since electrons flow from surplus (at ( Full Answer )
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Why anode is negative in galvanic cell?

"Positive" and "negative" are just terms that we assign to define a fundamental difference in the way charges interact. We could just as well call them "up" and "down", or "bl ( Full Answer )
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How do you identify capacitor's anode and cathod?

In ceramic capacitors if you observe it then one of its terminal is smaller than other one.Thus,the longest one is its anode and other one is its cathode.
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What is a boat Anode for?

It's what's known as a sacrificial anode and that is it's purpose. . To explain let's look at batteries and more specifically electroplating:. Two types of metals with diffe ( Full Answer )