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Who is anon?

Anon is the short word for anonymous - without any name acknowledged as to the author or contributor
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What does Al stand for in Al-Anon?

AL = Alcoholics, ANON = Anonymous Al-Anon is a support group for friends and relatives of alcoholics. Read more: ( Full Answer )
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What does al-anon stand for?

Al-Anon is a support group for friends and relatives of alcoholics. It is related to Alcoholics Anonymous.
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Summary of the poem we go this way but once by anon?

first of all it was written by Quinn Lewis and here in the book anon means anonymous they didn't know who wrote the poem) summary- 1st stanza - we go through our journe ( Full Answer )
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What did 'anon' mean in Elizabethan English?

It means "later". When the Nurse calls Juliet back from the balcony in Romeo and Juliet 2,2, Juliet replies "Anon, good nurse.", meaning "In a minute!".
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Im getting anon dangerous threateningletters. Live in CT.Post office says they were mailed in outside boxes so they can't find sender due to no cameras- True?

I think that if there is a camera on a nearby gas station, convenience store, etc, they might be able to find out if they think the letters are dangerous enough to look into. ( Full Answer )
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Are members of al-anon discouraged from using alcohol themselves?

Individual members may have ideas about that, which a person can either consider or disregard, but Al-anon as a whole has no official opinion on that issue. . Members who be ( Full Answer )
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Ano anon magagawa ko para maging isang mabuting mamayan?

Upang maging isang mabuting mamayan,una panindigan na ikaw ay filipino,tumulong sa mga gawaing mabubuti,at hikayatin ang mga kakilala at kaibigan na mangunguna sa mga gawain b ( Full Answer )
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Anon ang ibig sabihin ng reforesteysyon?

ito ang pagtatanim ng kahoy sa mga gubat na naputol ang mga puno dahil sa malakas na bagyo o ilegal na pagtotroso.
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Story of an Orphan Girl by sub anon?

Subanon by: Paco Velayo . History has better words to speak for Misamis Occidental. Its principal city was originally populated by the Subanon, a cultural grou ( Full Answer )
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What does anon mean in gay slang?

In gay slang, anon means an unknown person. This is an abbreviationof the word anonymous, meaning that the person may not want theirsexuality known publicly.
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What does it mean when you tell a guy you like him anon and he says cool But also after that you panicked and posted jk right after you said you liked him and he said cool also Idid write my name?

Just say that you didn't mean jk. And then ask if he would want to hang out. Tell him the truth that you panicked. If a boy says cool he means that he is nervous to tell you h ( Full Answer )
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Has ANONE HERE been told that they are pregnant after having the Falope Ring Tubaligation or know SOMEONE that has Was it ectopic or not?

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation is very rare. It has less than a 2% failure rate and is considered permanent. Woman that do get pregnant afterward usually experience it in with ( Full Answer )
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Does anon die in tron evolution?

yes he gets crushed by a recanizer cuz he was trying to save quorrars life
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Did Anon Die In Tron Evolution?

Yes He Did Die How A Regonizer Smashed Him Sacrificing His For Quora Causing Him To Die
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What does anon mean in french?

It's the abbreviation of "anonyme" -> anonymous. We have the same abbreviation in the English language.
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How do you track anon on Tumblr?

To track an anon, simply highlight the "block" option and right click. Then choose the option to "View Selection Source." This will give you the anon's IP, which can be look ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of the anon?

There are many uses of the anon. The anon is soon or presently were if you seek tomorrow it can with unique ways arrive anon or as soon as possible in present form.
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What are Al Anon meetings for?

Al-Anon meetings are meetings in which families and relatives of alcoholics share their experiences and try to find solutions. Al-Anon was established by Anne B. and Lois Wils ( Full Answer )
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What type of goggles does Anon sell?

Anon are a goggles brand that specialises is the production of Snowboarding goggles. They distinguish themselves from other goggle brands with their wide range of lenses, this ( Full Answer )
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Where can one sign up for Al Anon meetings?

One can sign up for Al Anon meetings on the official Al Anon website. On the Al Anon website you can sign up for local meetings, international meetings and online meetings.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Act-Anon - 2013?

The cast of Act-Anon - 2013 includes: Amy Baklini as Lil Courtney Cook as Marnie Courtney Cunningham as Nadia Katie Featherston as Hope Emily Habeck as Natalie Brian Houtz as ( Full Answer )
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Should this site say who anons are by putting anon?

You can see who the truly anonymous users are on an answer becauseit says "Community" rather than someone's name. Usernames are alsoanonymous, in a way, I suppose, but they ar ( Full Answer )