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What is anoxia?

Anoxia is a condition charactised by an absence of oxygen supply to an organ or a tissue.
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How can you distinguish between a brain injury caused by hyponatremia and a brain injury caused by anoxia or hypothermia or bypass?

Hyponatremia occurs when there is a serious deficiency of sodium in the blood. Blood tests would be able to detect whether this is the problem. . Anoxic brain injury is th ( Full Answer )
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What causes anoxia?

Anoxia, the severest form of hypoxia, is caused by extreme deprivation of oxygen. The causes of anoxia are: . Severe anemia. . Low partial pressure of oxygen in blood (Hyp ( Full Answer )
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What is an example sentence for anoxia?

Anoxia is low or no oxygen. An example sentence for anoxia is, "The anoxia resulting from the near drowning left him with ongoing brain damage."
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What is the meaning of Bioprospecting of genes and allie mining and abiotic stress tolerance with special reference to heat for microbes and anoxia for fish and salt for snrimp?

Target heat shock proteins and chaperones for bioprospecting of genes with reference to microbes. For anoxia in fish and salt for shripm we can target the genes by suppressive ( Full Answer )
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What is Cerebral edema seen in anoxia generalized poisoning?

Anoxia refers to a state of no oxygen. Therefore if someone is not getting oxygenated blood to their heart e.g. in a cardiac arrest, if left too long the normal systems of reg ( Full Answer )
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How can hypoxemic anoxia be avoided?

Hypoxemic anoxia can be avoided by utilizing supplemental oxygen when in high altitudes and being aware of the early symptoms of altitude sickness and reducing altitude once r ( Full Answer )
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What causes anoxia and hypoxia?

Anoxia and hypoxia can be caused by any number of disease states of the blood, lungs, heart and circulation including heart attack, severe asthma, or emphysema.
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What kind of harm does anoxia cause for a person?

Anoxia is the total depletion of a person's oxygen supply. The most immediate effects will be on the brain, which requires a large supply of oxygen to function. Once the brain ( Full Answer )