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Is there anyone out there for me?

You bet there is! After divorce it always seems fruitless and you can date the odd person or even a lot of people and not find that right person for you. I was divorced when I (MORE)

Will i love anyone?

Yes, you just have to find the person you can have a deep emotional connection with. It is a strong feeling and you'll know it when you feel it.

What does anyone mean?

The term "anyone" refers to any unspecified person, as if chosen from the defined population at random. When applied negatively, it becomes "no one" or "none". Example : "Is (MORE)

Can anyone be a gypsy?

Yes, it's a relatively natural, carefree and economically friendly lifestyle. Although you might be classed as a "new age traveller". I think it's something to do with the amo (MORE)
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Anyone have a pen or is it Anyone has a pen?

One (and Anyone) is singular, so "I want to know if anyone has a pen?" is correct. The question would normally be: Does anyone have a pen? or Has anyone a pen?

Is anyone from b2st dating anyone?

I'm a HUGE fan of B2ST and I've been searching for an answer to this question too. All I know is that GiKwang was spotted at a baseball game a while back with a girl he was "g (MORE)
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Is anyone from IM5 dating anyone?

EYE DEE KAY but they're s hauuute and my age. I wish one of them dates Bella Thorne though cause their can't stay away cover is just ah!