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How do you share an apartment?

Answer . I would start out by watching some court shows like Judge Judy. Sharing an apartment end up in court pretty often. The people can't stand living with bad behaving ( Full Answer )
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What is a bachelor apartment?

I would like to say that it is the one bedroom apartment with allnecessary things. A bachelor apartment is one that combines thebedroom, living room and kitchen in the one roo ( Full Answer )
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What is an illegal apartment?

A apartment needs to have a firewall between the floor of a garage. Illegal apartments, which often take the form of impermissible attic, basement, and garage units, pose man ( Full Answer )
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What is an apartment?

An apartment (in American English) or flat (in British English) is a self-contained housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies only part of a building. ( Full Answer )
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How much is an apartment?

That depends on a lot of factors: . In real estate Location is king. Is this in a small country town or in a big city like New York? . How many rooms? . Is it furnished? ( Full Answer )
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How do you take it apart?

There are 2 small screws on the bottom of the iPhone on each side of the charger port. Undo them and take a small suction cup. (I used the suction cup from my car gps) to the ( Full Answer )
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What are service apartments?

Serviced apartments are located all over the world but thedefinition of what a serviced apartment should be varies bycountry, city and owner. Serviced apartments are basically ( Full Answer )
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What is the abbreviation for apartment?

Appt. Idiot ^ actually idiot the abbreviation for apartment is apt. Appt is the abbreviation for appointment. People come here looking for answers hence the name of the site b ( Full Answer )
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What is Greenland apart of?

Well, nobody really knows! Scientifically, its part of denmark, which, of course is in europe! But some say its in North America!!!\nThanks for reading!\n. \nMelisssaB
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Can you own an apartment?

Yes, you can own an apartment. When an apartment is owned by an individual, it's called a condominium (condo). The building or apartment must be designated for individual sale ( Full Answer )
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Is there a apartment in canton?

If you are referring to Canton, OH then YES! There are a number ofapartments in Canton
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What is a apartment?

a apartment is a smaller unit of a house usally used for a small family it is usally cheaper than a house
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What is a no fee apartment?

Urban Edge provides a great Renter's Guide, which includes a great description of the "fee" aspect of renting an apartment.
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Your New apartment is falling apart?

Do you own this apartment? Do you rent ? If you own, talk to the agent and/or the seller or the bank holding the mortgage. This would be determined by where you are and the ( Full Answer )
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Is apartment a noun?

Yes, the word 'apartment' is a noun , a word for a room orset of rooms used as a dwelling; a word for a thing.
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If you lease an apartment what are your rights to that apartment?

Renter's Rights Yes, you do have rights and they include the following: . Your apartment must meet be safe and clean to live in. It must meet state and local building codes, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get pokewalker apart?

You get a screwdriver and look on the back. You will see a small screw. If you have a small enough screwdriver for that screw, use it to pop the back off. But be sure to put t ( Full Answer )
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What is luesp apart of?

Luesp is an acount part of Club penguin, They are made up of: L- Quinnaria (Quinn) Lucy Parks, she's 8, single, Has Leukemia. U- Ashly Uylandra Parks, She's 2, single (no ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into the apartment on enter the apartment game?

An apartment (in American English) or flat (in British English) is a self-contained housing unit (a type of residential real estate) that occupies only part of a building. ( Full Answer )
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Can you get an apartment at 18?

Yes, you are an adult at 18. As long as you can afford the rent, have good credit history, and can sign the contract/lease.
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Can you ship to apartments?

Yes. You put the address and then the apartment # Like: 700s 500e apt# 12
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What is a flat or an apartment?

A apartment can be a housing unit in a building .There can be manyapartments in a building some can be small or in large smal dependsupon utilities it contains.
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What is an apartment store?

An apartment store is that in which there is a small utility built in store in your apartment.It has basic necessities. Hope i helped regards xara :) 17, ( Full Answer )
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What are Jenison apartments about?

Jenison Apartments are Apartments located in Jenison, MI. They are widely available from reliable letting agencies that serve the area. They are likely to vary in quality depe ( Full Answer )
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What is a dedicated apartment?

A dedicated apartment is one set aside for a specific purpose. Thismight be a model apartment for showing potential customers.
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What do you have to have to get an apartment?

When ever you book an apartment you must have these things, for short term or Long term stay any where. . You must know about the Maximum sleeps area . There is Bedroom ( Full Answer )
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What is the pronoun for an apartment?

The pronoun used for the noun apartment is it. Example: I had to paint my apartment because it was so dingy.
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What is hotel apartment?

Hi, Hotel apartment means that it provides apartment accomodation with all the facilities that you expect with your home.It includes lounge, dining area and a fully equippe ( Full Answer )
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What is the cerebellum apart of?

The cerebellum is the brain. Tou might get confused with cerebru, but theyre 2 different things.
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Is a dormitory an apartment?

A dormitory is a large room, especially at a school or institution containing several beds. It may also contain a number of semi private rooms, but with common bathroom facili ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to not drift apart?

Try getting involved in hobbies that both of you enjoy. Wood burning (where you burn designs or sayings or quotes into small slabs of wood), daily jogging or walking, starting ( Full Answer )
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What are the utilities for an apartment?

The apartment utilities working normal have a running water ,aelectricity the water pipes working properly the gesture and allthe electrical items.
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What is 2x2 apartment?

Its means 2 bed room and 2 bathroom of my friendsuggested this site hope this will behelpful.
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How is an apartment defined?

An apartment is a housing unit consisting of a set of rooms on onefloor of a building.