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How can you unlock new aperance stuff for halo3?

By unloking sertan achivment like if you unlock "to close to the sun" you get the body and by doing that go down by the beach where you 1 abord your litte jut thing and pull o (MORE)
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Aperence of a gecko?

The appearance of a gecko are based on why type they are.Like if it were an albino gecko it would probably be a pink color.If it were a carrot tail gecko it would be kinda ora (MORE)
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Were is SpongeBobs first apereance?

SpongeBob squarpants' first apereacnece was in 1996. However the show did not come out in 1996, but the comershals did and you know SpongeBob is on the comershals thus creatin (MORE)
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What causes Jupiter's stripy aperance?

Basically what you are looking at are darker bands of clouds against a lighter colored planet. And they are bands primarily because Jupiter spins so fast on its axis that each (MORE)
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Odd in aperance?

Kanye West made a surprise appearance and closed out the secondannual Odd Future Carnival at The Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday.