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What is api in java?

API is an Application Programming Interface..that means Some collection for designing concept for GUI(Graphical User INterface) By Saravanan
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What is an API?

Answer . In education it is an abbreviation for Academic Performance Index. . in standard world it stands for API - American Petroleum Institute
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What is an API on the internet?

An application programming interface ( API ) is a set of declarations of the functions (or procedures) that an operating system, library or service provides to support reque (MORE)
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What is Apis the god of?

In Egyptian mythology, Apis was worshiped in the Memphis regions asa cow deity. Apis is known as the God of fertility to the grainsand herds of cattle.
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What are APIs?

API (Application Programming Interfacing) is a gateway between program/service that contains it with another programs.
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What is a API?

API stands for "A pplication P rogramming I nterface", It's allow external programs to make requests tothe one provides such interface. API allow many other applicationsand s (MORE)
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What a api ndt?

API = American Petroluem Institute NDT = Non-destructive Testing NDT is a process of testing the integrity of a piece of pipe (oil well tubing or casing) that does not da (MORE)
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How is apis taken?

Homeopathic apis venom is available commercially in tablets in many different strengths. Dosage depends on the symptoms being treated.
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What is a APY?

APY is an accounting term that stands for Annual percentage yield, which is a normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period of one year.
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What do API?

An API ( Application Programming Interface ) is a setof functions and procedures which allow applications to access thefeatures or data of another application, operating sys (MORE)