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What is a app?

a computer program that can be made to do many things, It's Short for application.
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How do you get apps?

If you have a Itouch (Like me) You can go on your computer. You can go on itunes and buy apps there. If you want to buy them on your itouch you should have a button that says ( Full Answer )
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What are apps?

A: Application P: produces output P: produces (?) S: stores data THIS IS ONLY FOR THE COMPUTER. HAHA otherwise It's short for "applications"
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What is apps?

Short for application. A killer app, for example, is an application that surpasses (i.e., kills) its competitors. .
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What is an app?

'App' is short for Application, and it is something you download to your Iphone or Ipod Touch, (not all Ipods are compatible) You can buy Apps off Itunes and Apps include game ( Full Answer )
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How can you sell apps on app store?

To sell apps on Apples App store you need to enroll on their developer program and then submit your app to Apple for approval. (See links below)
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Is there an app for that?

There probably is, what ever it is. According to pretty much every iPhone commercial, "there's an app for just about anything". So, there probably is an app for that no ma ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get app?

Touch the icon that says App Store on your main menu then you can search for a app that you want. You can also look through new apps and popular apps. You might need to pay ( Full Answer )
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What is an 'App'?

An app is a software application for your mobile device. Apps range in their features, including gaming, social networking, and emailing.
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What are apps that can get you free apps?

If you mean what apps are free?? Here's some fun free apps: Angry birds Super rope Mouth off Bakery story Halloween Bounce down Fake caller Temple run Cut the ( Full Answer )
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Can you return apps in app store?

Once you've bought an app, you cannot return it, as with non-internet stores. You must stick with the app you've bought.
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How do you create apps for the app store?

There is a sample only.. What You Need First things first - to develop for the iPhone, you'll need a Mac. Pretty much any Mac will do, as long as it's powerful enough to ( Full Answer )
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What apps are in the apps store?

There are all types of apps from games , to reference , to sports and education .
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Does App Store have a msn App?

The iTunes App store has several MSN apps some of which are free, including the Microsoft one, while others have a small price.
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How do you get your iPhone apps to the app store?

Publishing your IPhone or IPad app on ITunes store is a multi-step process. You have two different choices. 1. Hire an expert like DotQ Solutions, LLC, or there are many oth ( Full Answer )
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How do you rate apps on the app store?

Go to the app you want to rate and then click it then scroll down to the bottom then click the rate box.
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What are the app points in app free for?

Entertain You. Also If its free and has a-lot of advertisements then its free because of the advertisements.(:
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What is the best paid app or apps?

If you want a new game then get Buster's Flight. It's really fun, I recommend it! I would say angry birds or cut the rope or Funny Duck. If you are a traveler then it's iS ( Full Answer )
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How do you get apps in apps on ipod?

you go To the app store and click on the app you want. Then if it's free press free in the top right corner. Once you've done that the part that said free will turn green and ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an app on the app store?

Click on the app then hit the blue button that says how much it costs ex. Free, 1.99, ect then hit the green buy now button after clicking on the blue button
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Any apps where i can get free apps?

I think that there is many in the app store. Some take price apps and make them smaller,or they take all of the newest and greatest free apps out there and put them in all one ( Full Answer )
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Can you installl apps not from app store?

if you mean instal app not from app store for free then you need jailbroken iphone/ipod. then goto cydia instal instalous 4 and you could download any free app in app store bu ( Full Answer )
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How do you get apps free on the app store?

Well quite alot of apps are free Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones This app is incompatible with : - Blackmart Alpha for Acer Liquid MT - Bla ( Full Answer )
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Can you trade an app for an app?

There is no such kind of trading app. Why would it be possible while in the play store or on the mac store got free app or a beta version of it. Source: http://www.textwi ( Full Answer )
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How do you buy an app on the app sotre?

When you are at the starting page (when you turn it on), you go to a blue app that says app store. There will be a tool bar at the bottom, such as Featured ,Genuies, Top chart ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with app?

You can so many different things with an app. New apps are being created daily for a wide variety of uses. There are apps for shopping, travel, games, weight loss, entertainme ( Full Answer )
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Does free your apps have all apps?

I found these free killer android apps they got some great stuff inmobile gaming check it out in the related links " FREE MOBILE APPS"
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Is there an app you can use to develop apps?

Yes iCloud app is an example of an app that you can use to developother apps. Yes there are many more android apps that you can use to developother apps.You can find the list ( Full Answer )