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Can the mother deny the father the right to attend Dr. appts to follow the progress of his child just because she doesn't want to be with the father anymore?

its not clear whether this is an unborn child, but if so, the father doesn't exactly have rights until the baby is born--I didn't allow my ex to come to my prenatal visits (th ( Full Answer )
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You were due for a depo refill the last week of January and couldn't get an appt until the first week of Febuary you had sex a day before your appt could you be pregnant?

Answer . \nThere is a chance but it normally takes a while to get out of your system. If you are late for another shot, you shouldn't have unprotected sex until you get yo ( Full Answer )
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At pap smear appt my doc said cervix was blue but the pregnancy test was negative What could be wrong?

Answer . Usually when your cervix is blue that means that you are pregnant because oxygen is now going to help a baby grow.. I had the smae thing recently happen to me. I ( Full Answer )
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Can a 17 yr old girl move in with her 18 year old boyfriend who has his own appt even though her parents are not consenting?

Answer . It depends on what state you live in and what the laws of that state are. Can you find someone else to move in with if you are determined to leave your parent's ( Full Answer )
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Im like 2 and a half months late and your doctors appt is in 2 days to see if Im pregnant you started bleeding or spotting however its like light pink and brown and not heavy at all mostly just when y?

Answer . You can check with a home pregnancy test kit that are easily available without waiting to see the doctor. These kits are very accurate. If you are pregnant, it is ( Full Answer )
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Can an APPT lab result be drawn from a PICC Line when Heparin as been infusing?

Yes, provided that you "pause" the infusion of heparin prior to taking your lab sample. Also, prior to drawing back blood from the PICC line infuse 10cc of Normal Saline and t ( Full Answer )
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You were 70 effaced and 2 cm dilated at last weeks docs appt but this week you are still 2cm dilated and 80 effaced do you have a week or two until you go into labor or am you going to go sooner?

My doc says that for first time moms there is no way to tell. Some people stay that way for weeks and some people go within a week from when they are 70% to 80% effaced but it ( Full Answer )
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What is base-appt?

Base-appt means for every appointment set, the employee gets acertain commission. Example, if the job states $10 base-appt, itmeans for every appointment set, one gets $10.
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What happens at your first appt for dental implants?

Your first appointment for a dental implant will be a consultation.This appointment is to figure out what the patient's wants andneeds are. Impressions will be taken and norma ( Full Answer )
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I am 10 weeks pregnant and i have my docs appt on the 11th of march would i be able to hear the baby's heart beat by then?

It really depends on you. If you are a more slender woman that yes, chances are you will be able to hear the baby's heart beat. I heard my second child's heartbeat at 8 weeks, ( Full Answer )
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If a dentist forgets to put your appointment in the book and you've had to leave work real early and travel a long way to get there can you charge him as he would charge you if you missed the appt?

Probably not, unless your dentist has a written policy about this. About the only thing can do is leave and/or give negative feedback to others. If you're really disgruntled a ( Full Answer )
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You are almost 39 weeks pregnant and at your last dr appt you were 1 and a half cm dilated and 50 percent effaced now you are having really bad period like cramps could you be starting labor?

yes. labor to me felt just like period cramps. i did not even recognize it was labor, got to the hospital 30 minutes before my daughter was born. no time for the epidural so i ( Full Answer )
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Had tkr took 4 amox 500 mg before dentist appt and 4 250 mg erythromycin same day because of bacteria infection Can this cause a headache?

This could cause a headache. A more likely reason for a headache is that you just had your teeth worked on! How long did you sit in the chair with your head at an odd angle an ( Full Answer )
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Is there a gmod appt for the iPod Touch?

unfortunately there is not, this is because garrysmod is a big game and wont be able to have every add on installed onto it, even if Garry does choose a few ad dons which ar ( Full Answer )
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My17 year old daughter had a 139 over 92 blood pressure at drs appt she is 5ft 3 113 lbs but doesnt exercise and eats mostly carbs meat does she have hypertension?

Not necessarily. A one time incident is not indicative of an ongoing problem. If she was visiting the doctor for an illness, that may have been the cause. Any undue stress can ( Full Answer )
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If a bipolar person has times they are fine and they go to a psyciatric appt at this time how are they to tell if the persons bipolar?

This is a very good question. That has happened many times with me. They tried to diagnose me with depression but i knew i wasn't always depressed and i told them that i was s ( Full Answer )
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What is the icd 9 code for post op dr appt after hysterectomy?

ICD means International Statistical Classifications of Diseases. The codes are given to every diagnosis, description of symptoms andcause of death attributed to human beings. ( Full Answer )
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Did President Obama get vet an appt t VA after vet died?

I think you are asking about the 2014 scandal at the Arizona Veterans Administration Hospital. Sadly, there have been escalating problems at VA hospitals for the past ten year ( Full Answer )