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You think your apt is haunted?

You didn't give us much information to go on. Find out who the former tenants were (all of them) and find out if anyone died there. Although entities (ghosts) have never been ( Full Answer )
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What does apt stand for?

apt - competently able. As in: He is an apt student. apt - exactly suitable. As in: an apt reply. apt - naturally disposed to. As in: he is apt to ignore advice. apt ( Full Answer )
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What does apt mean from Romeo and Juliet?

The word "apt" means 'suited to', or 'able', whether in Romeo and Juliet or in anything else in the English language, such as the film title "Apt Pupil".
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What does apt mean in shakespearean Language?

Shakespearean language was the language of early stage dramas formany years. Some of the words are still around while others arenot. In this language there was no word apt.
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What does apt mean?

Apt - suitable, fitting, appropriate . Sentence: A careless person is apt to make a mistake.. Something that is apt is to be suitable for its purpose
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What is APT what does it do for a cell?

ATP is adenosine triphosphate, and is the energy storage molecule of the cell. It is broken down into adenosine diphosphate, ADP, and a phosphate group, P, releasing energy th ( Full Answer )
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What is an APT ribbon military award?

APT stands for Awareness Presentation Team. It is a group of cadets who go to middle and/or elementary schools and teach the kids about drugs, alcohol, and help with activitie ( Full Answer )
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What is a apt comparison?

"apt" means skillful or appropriate. Roughly speaking an apt comparison is a good and useful one.
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How do you I booby trap my apt when I am not there?

Just get a portable alarm. If you booby trapped your apartment and someone got hurt you could be held libel and arrested. There was a fellow a few years ago that owned a store ( Full Answer )
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Words with the stem apt in them?

adapt adaptabilities adaptability adaptable adaptation adaptational adaptationally adaptations adapted adaptedness adaptednesses adapter adapters adapting adaption adaptions a ( Full Answer )
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Aptness of the title the browning version?

Yes the title is appropriate. Taplow liked the story of the Greek Tragedy 'Agamemnon' but didn't like the way it was taught in the class i.e. drill of a lot of Greek words. ( Full Answer )
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Why is the shoulder apt to become dislocated?

Shoulders can dislocate if they are knocked forwards or backwards. Since humans tend to walk forwards or sometimes backwards (but less frequently sideways), shoulders are in a ( Full Answer )
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Put the word apt in a sentence?

I can't tell them how to raise their child, but I think it is a huge mistake not to tell the kid that he's adopted, since he is apt to discover it on his own sooner or later ( Full Answer )
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What is an 'Apt conc recov fee'?

An apt conc recov fee means that it is an airport concessionrecovery fee. It basically means it's the tax the airport puts on acustomer that arrives on a flight rather than dr ( Full Answer )
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What form of energy is APT?

Probably you mean ATP. That is an energy storage - chemical energy - used by living beings.
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How many APT does glucose yield?

In cellular respiration, the total number of ATP glucose yields is between 36 (eukaryotes using G3P shuttle) and 38 (prokaryotes and eukaryotes using malate shuttle), it may v ( Full Answer )
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What will happen if you break your apt lease?

It depends on your lease contract. More than likely your landlord will report to credit agencies that you have defaulted on your lease and you will subsequently have a huge di ( Full Answer )
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How is A Christmas Carol an apt title?

Dickens called his story "A Christmas Carol" because its claimed heexpected the story to be repeated and shared and it would bringpeople together just as the singing of Christ ( Full Answer )
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Is it illegal to be in a empty apt?

Probably. If you have no legal right to be there then it would be trespassing or burglary.
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How do living things use apt?

It is …currency of energy for every "living thing". The cell always saves ATP although constantly consumes it: ATP + H2O --> ADP + ENERGY --> ATP + H2O
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What is Apt on an application?

Apt. stands for unit number. If you live in a house the answer isn/a. By the way it is also frequently listed as "Unit Number, Unit,Unit#, Apartment Number, Apt# or apt#" If y ( Full Answer )
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Who is most apt to get ulcerative colitis?

Whites are more frequently affected than other racial groups, and people of Jewish origin have 3-6 times greater likelihood of suffering from any IBD. IBD is familial;
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What is the meaning of you would be more apt?

Apt is an adjective to describe someone or something as suitable, appropriate, liable, or likely (the meaning of your phrase). Example sentence: You would be more apt to kn ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of apt?

It can be the abbreviation for "apartment" or it can be a word that means appropriate or correct. "Stubborn" was an apt description for him; he was totally unwilling to listen ( Full Answer )
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What is the nitrogen base called in apt?

Heterotrophs must 'eat' other organisims in order to survive and make ATP, while autotrophs (such as plants) make their own food from the air
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Should a deacon be apt to teach?

The New Testament sets forth qualifications for two types of office bearers in the church, elders and deacons. The qualifications for deacons are most fully set forth in 1 Tim ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of aptful?

Apt means appropriate or suitable for the circumstances. Aptly is the adverb and aptness is the noun. However, aptful is not a word.
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What is the origin of the word apt?

The word apt originates from the Latin word aptus. The latin word Aptus means fastened. The first known use of the word aptus was around the Fourteenth century.
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What exactly does apt stand for?

There are several different meanings for the acronym 'apt.' They include apartment, airport, aptitude, American Public Television and quite a few others. It depends on the con ( Full Answer )
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When was Narayan Hari Apte born?

Narayan Hari Apte was born on July 11, 1889, in Samdoli in Sangli District of Maharashtra, India.
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When did Narayan Hari Apte die?

Narayan Hari Apte died on November 14, 1971, in Koregaon in Satara District of Maharashtra, India.
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Why CRT is not apt for laptop computer?

CRTs are way too big, heavy, and dangerous (CRTs carry a extremelylarge charge that is potentially lethal when exposed due toimproper servicing or handling) for laptops.