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What is aq?

In a chemical equation, (aq) stands for aqueous. The letters in parenthesis after an element or compound indicate the state of matter eg: (s)-solid, (l)- liquid, (g)-gas, (aq) ( Full Answer )
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What is c6h12o6 aq?

C6H12O6 is a molecular formula and could refer to any of the following: Hexoses, Allose, Altrose, Fructose, Galactose, Glucose, Gulose, Idose, Mannose, Psicose, Sorbose, Tagat ( Full Answer )
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What is aq worlds?

aq world or adventure quest worlds, is a game just like dragon fable but better.
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How do you get a pet in aq?

secret unless you will put how to get pumpkin golem at aq put your answer here:
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Who are you in AQ worlds?

I'm sorry you are not allowed to ask those questions (you cant get ahold of them anyways)
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Aq how to get in a clan?

Instructions: 1.Be level 5+ 2.Go to travel map 3.Sail east 4.Click on paxia clans 5.Click on random red dots until you find the element you like 6.Click on the element name 7 ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Knight on AQ?

Im not sure which one so Ill say both 1. Pactagonal Knight Armor: You go to the castle of swordhaven and talk to the Knight that you see when you walk in. The pactagonal sho ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the shadowscyte in aq?

If you have already done the swordhaven undead part of the story then Talk to cleric joy and a button will be available to go there. Shadowscythe will be Shadowfall after the ( Full Answer )
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How do you downtrain on AQ?

You cant sorry but if you want to you can untrain your stats by going to twilly in battleon an click on moral compass then it will say train click it then it will say train or ( Full Answer )
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How do you get acs on aq?

You either have to buy them, which personally I don't recommend, go to BAllyhoo for a chance to get 5 Adventure Coins, download the BattleBar which gives 1 ac every 10 searche ( Full Answer )
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On aq how do you get out of the gecko?

start clicking around the bottom-right, then a toy will appear. put in the letters GB into it, and click on the left drawer. click on the gecko in there. you will then have to ( Full Answer )
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Where is citadel in aq?

Go into your map and click Oaklore Forest its at the top or you can just type in chat bar: /join citadel :D
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How do you get aq coin free in aq?

Go to ballyhoo and you ill have a chance of getting 5 acs or do the 3rd party offer in extras
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How do you get rid of companions in aq?

Sleep somewhere and travel out fast before they are aware that youare there. (from a site on video games)
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Where is the Mithril man in aq worlds?

first go to the crash site in Greenyard forest. Than go over the bridge to the dwakels. DON'T GO IN THE FARM!! kill or go passed the Dwakel warrior to get the yellow arrow. th ( Full Answer )
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What is the code in aq with Valencia?

The code is to open a shop contain a sword. The code is oicu812 now theres another one. The code is thirteen1
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Where find wings in aq worlds?

The draconians at Vasalkar Lair drop wings or you can buy then them from multiple shops. Only the water draconians wings are nonmembers, the rest are members.
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How do you get lycan knight in aq worlds? mean the armor? you have to got lycan reputation from FAOPAW or the werewolf king. you have to be rank 6 on the reputation and it costs 40.000 need t ( Full Answer )
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How do you change your name in AQ?

To change your name in AQ, you must: . Die in-game and click the hourglass near Death. . You will be transported to a dark area (The Abyss) with treasure chests, rocks hidi ( Full Answer )
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What is the ionic equation of NaCl aq plus KNO3 aq?

Do you mean: Na + Cl - + K + N0 3 - --------> K + Cl - + Na + NO 3 - Sodium + Potassium ---> Potassium + Sodium Chloride Nitrate Chloride Nitrate
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How do you get no class in aq?

Every Thanksgiving Goto Oishii And Do All The Quest Until Oishii Gives A Shop.In That Shop Should Be No Class But No Use Buying It,Its Rubbish.Only Has 2 Skills Which Are Auto ( Full Answer )
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How do you be a defender in aq?

You have to verify either Dragonlord , Starlord or Guardian to get defender when you verify one of the 3 you can get Defender
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Where is miltonius in aq?

/join citadel from anywhere in the game . Go right. . Go into the right tunnel. . Go right. . Go right. . Go into the portal. You are now in terces. You'll ha ( Full Answer )
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Aq worlds what?

aq world is a online game made in 2008 it is free to play but u have to pay to upgrade
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How do you answer in aq world?

I am not sure what you mean, but if you mean like answer a chat question you will find it on the chat panel Well atually do you play AQW or AQ ?
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What is an AQ school?

Schools from the 6 BCS leagues (ACC, BIG10, BIG12, BIG EAST, PAC10, & SEC) are considered automatic qualifier if they win their conference.
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How do you get to level100 on aq?

By buying X-Guardian and playing till you max out your caps everyday for a few years.
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How do you get a sword in aq?

You pull it out from your mum's vagina after you press the correct combinations on her nipples.
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How do you balance BaCl2 aq plus CuSO4 aq?

BaCl 2 + CuSO 4 ---> BaSO 4 + CuCl 2 . Barium, sulfate and the copper atom in this molecule all carry a charge of 2 (either negative or positive), while the chloride carr ( Full Answer )