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Who are the Arabs?

Arabs are an Semitic people, Arabs are the people who came from Yemen and lived around Arabian peninsula and Levant also Maghreb and egypt......there are three different of Ar (MORE)
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What is an Arab?

An Arab is anyone from an Arab (Middle Eastern) country or has any Middle Eastern blood in them. Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Saudi Arabians, Kuwaitis, and many more. An e (MORE)
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Who is Arabs?

Arabs in ethinicity are those from Saudia Arabia and the Gulf countries.They can be defined as those that spoke Arabic before Islam. The term ARAB is often confused with coun (MORE)
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How much is a Arab?

if you mean Arab noun. n. . A member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia, whose language and Islamic religion spread widely throughout the Middle East and northern Afri (MORE)
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What is an arab Christian?

A follower of Christ's teachings who is from an Arab country or has Arab heritage
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Why are the Arabs and Non-Arabs fighting?

Answer 1 There is no such thing. Arabs are, after all, human beings. I assume you're referring to the multitude of wars that the Arab World has witnessed throughout the l (MORE)
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How many Arabs in the Arab World?

There are about three hundred million Arabs in the World. Arab Muslims make up about 20% of the world Muslim population. (see related link)
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What is the Arab origin?

All Arabs had originally come from the Arabian Peninsula, particularly from " Yemen" which was called in the past "بلاد العرب السعي (MORE)
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Are Arabs white?

Do you mean Caucasian? No. They are darker skinned than Caucasians almost bronze-brown.
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What rhymes with Arab?

Arab bathtub carob cherub chub club cub drub dub flub grub grubb hub hubbub Jacob nightclub nub pub rub scrub shrub snub stub sub tub washtub Ahab
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How are Arabs classified?

you cant classify humans they are all the same .
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What about shuwa Arab?

They are the Arabs found in Chad,Cameroun Niger and Nigeria.
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Were the Arabs betrayed?

This question as posed is incredibly nebulous. It does not give a timeframe nor does it mention an acting party. As it is written, the answer is yes, if only because every sin (MORE)
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Are Pakistanis Arab?

No. Arabs exist in the Middle East and North Africa. Pakistan is aSouth/Central Asian country. they have very little in common withwith Arabs and Persians in terms of culture (MORE)
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Do you like the Arabs?

Do you like humans? Do you like yourself? It's the same question; Arabs are from our species and shouldn't be alienated. Just because you're too ignorant to see that the (MORE)
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Who is captain Arab?

Captain Ahab is one of the major characters in the novel 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville.
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Are Arabs Arabs or Arabian?

As concerns Humans, Arabian is typically used to denote a Bedouinfrom the Arabian Peninsula or the 18th and 19th Century Europeanperspective of Arab Civilization (i.e. the Ori (MORE)
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What comes after Arab?

berber, mongol, or European This question doesn't specify in what way something would follow Arab. In the dictionary, the first word after Arab is typically "arabesque".
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What country are Arabics from?

Egypt . Iraq . Syria . Lebanon . Jordan . Saudi Arabia . Yemen . Libya . Sudan . Morocco . Tunisia . Kuwait . Algeria . Mauritania . Bahr (MORE)
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Why are Arabs dark?

it could be genetics or mainly its cause its mainly hot in their countries and their pretty much out doors alot
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What is a Arab Lute?

In Arabic it is "Al-'ud" and is very similar to an acoustic guitar.
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Can an Arab be an Israeli?

Yes. Being Arab is an ethnicity, while being Israeli is a nationality. 20% of Israelis are Arabs.
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Are Portuguese Arabs?

No, Portugal is an European country with an European culture, although southern Portugal has an influence of Mediterranean and some Arabic culture.
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What are the Arabs homeland?

here are the Arab country homeland and population . 1. Egypt. 77,500,000. 2. Sudan. 39,154,490. 3. Algeria. 34,895,000. 4. Morocco. 31,649,000. 5. (Iraq (MORE)
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What is Arab calendar?

There is no such thing as Arab Calendar however there is what they call a Hijri calendar or Islamic calendar or Muslim calendar which is a lunar calendar consisting of 1 (MORE)
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Why do Arabs call themselves Arabs?

The name "Arab" comes from the language that the tribesman spoke inwhat is now called the Arabian Peninsula. This language has beenthe defining aspect of Arab identity up to t (MORE)