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Who is the arbiter?

He is the elite that helps master chief in halo 3. One of the main characters
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Can you kill the Arbiter?

no he's ur ally in halo 3 but in halo 2 they've never met yet till halo 3
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Does the arbiter die?

there are many ways he can when you played him in halo2 and you die or you play him on 3 and die but he does not die on game
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What is a arbiter?

I believe that it is one of the last ranks you can get in halo reach.
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How old is Arbiter?

all i know is that the arbiter as almost two times older than chief and arbiter would beat chief .
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What is the meaning of arbiter?

somebody making judgment: somebody who can settle a dispute or decide an issue influential person: somebody with great influence over what people say, think, or do
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In halo where does the arbiter live?

the arbiter like the other elites have a home planet called Shangheilos. for more info go to
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How did arbiter become arbiter?

Because he was a Disgraced leader of the Covenant, so to Claim great honour in Death he was to don the ancient armour of the Arbiter; and Elite custom, so that is how Arbiter ( Full Answer )
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How do the Elites in Halo become the Arbiter?

arbiters are the best soldiers(elites) in the entire race sent to do the most dangerous missions for the cause. Almost all arbiters die because of there job. That is the reaso ( Full Answer )
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Who is stronger Master Chief or Arbiter?

Both are same strong. Chief was the main character in Halo: CE (combat evolved, or 1) Chief had a big role in Halo 2, but (seriously) Arbiter had a BIGGER role, so arbiter is ( Full Answer )
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Where does arbiter live?

The last Arbiter, Thel Vadam, formely Thel Vadamee lives on the Elites or as the covenant call the Sangeilli home world called Sangelios check this on Halopedia it has great i ( Full Answer )
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What is a chess arbiter?

Like a referee or umpire in other sports the International Arbiter is a certified members of FIDE World Chess Foundation. Usually they are formerly strong players with a full ( Full Answer )
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Who is arbiter in halo?

the arbiter is in halo reach somewhere he got higher ranked to ship master on halo 3 but his ship the ship he led was in halo reach somewhere but on the last level of the game ( Full Answer )
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Is arbiter evil?

well, if you bother to play the halos then yes and no. we was rewarded a high class role but they used him. so he joins master chief and the unsc.
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How do you control arbiter in halo wars?

you have to be playing skirmish, you can choose your leader by clicking on the picture of him, change him from captain cutter or forge to arbiter, when playing, the actual arb ( Full Answer )
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Who is arbiter in halo wars?

not the arbiter we know and love. it was a previous arbiter that we have no idea why he is an arbiter.
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Is the arbiter in halo reach?

It is unsure whether he will be a part in the story or not, but it has been confirmed, that you can not play as the Arbiter. *EDIT* That last statement was wrong, because ( Full Answer )
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Who would win arbiter or samus?

its pretty much common fact that samus stomps the entire halo cast at once including didact 343 gutty spark and chief she has a tetrawatt stun pistle for $!%&^,s sake thin ( Full Answer )
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What is a football arbiter?

Arbitration is a process in which two sides agree to participate in a bargaining process outside of the US Court system in order to resolve a single problem or multiple issues ( Full Answer )
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Does arbiter die in halo legends?

yes he does RE: (By Sou the Master Cuteness) Arbiter is stripped of his rank as one of the head Covenant military leaders, so his entire army turns against him. He d ( Full Answer )
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What is labor arbiter?

The labor arbiter is a partly judicial body that exercisesjurisdiction of the various labor cases. The composition is usuallydrawn from the neutral parties.
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What is the feminine of arbiter?

The noun arbiter is a neutral noun, there isn't another word if the arbiter is female. The English language does not have gender for nouns; gender is shown by different forms ( Full Answer )
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Is the arbiter good in halo reach?

Halo reach is set in a time before Arbitor was a friendly. He's still hoof facing marines in this game. In addition, he's not even shown in it.
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What is arbitation?

Arbitration is enacted when two groups of people, perhaps in law enforcement, cannot make a decision. In such case, an arbitration board or group is brought in to make the dec ( Full Answer )
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Is the arbiter stronger then a brute in halo?

Yes it is I think. On one side, there is a guy with energy swords and active camo while on the other side there is a dumb but brutal guy with a brute shot, spiker, hammer ec ( Full Answer )
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Is the arbiter in halo 4?

yes, he never dies in halo 3 so he will be alive (and there) in halo 4
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Is the arbiter evil in halo 4?

well technically no, but i don't think he will make an appearance just some of the elites that still stayed loyal to the covenant than join the rebel elites