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How do you get fallen arches?

falling arches you get falling arches by walking bare foot (but can not get them by wearing wrong types of shoes) Answer Falling arches can be hereditary as well. Shoes (MORE)
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What are arches?

An arch is a two-dimensional structure that allows weight to be efficiently distributed to the ends of a structural span. it is a simple curve in shape with the ends lower tha (MORE)
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What is The Court of Arches?

The ecclesiastical court of appeal of the Archbishop of Canterbury.The judges of the Court of Arches are five in number including the Dean of the Arches.Its full title is Cour (MORE)
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What are aortic arches?

The aorta is the main artery leaving the heart. It leaves the heart heading upwards before arching over to head downwards to the lower body. The arch is the aortic arch; we al (MORE)
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How do arches work?

The key stone (top stone) is shaped like an upside down trapezoid, making it impossible for it to fall through the other stone blocks (also upside down trapezoids). But for th (MORE)
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What are Sea Arches?

Sea Arches are arches over the sea that are formed by waves eroding into sea caves until there is a hole in the headland.
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What is arching in electricity?

\nArcing is electrical current jumping across a gap, or creating an arc, as in a spark plug firing, or lightning arcing across the sky.
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What were the use of arches?

In architecture, arches provided solid support for pathways and tunnels. Because arches distributed the weight placed on top of them much more eavenly than just a single beam, (MORE)
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What distinguishes triumphal arches from vaulted arches or rounded arches?

A triumphal arch consists of a free-standing arch used to commemorate events, particularly military victories, a series of vaulted arches could be used to create a long open s (MORE)
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Who created arches?

The Babilonians were the ones to invent/create the arch
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Why were arches used?

Arches are structures that can support structures such as buildings, railway tracks, canals, etc, yet still allow a passageway for ground-level access to pass through the arch (MORE)
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Where are arches fond?

there are many in rome and Italy like in those old chapel places... there is also the arch in st.Louis
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What were triumphal arches?

Triumphal arches were stone arches built by the Romans. They would commemorate either a military victory or a public event. Other cultures took the idea and have built triumph (MORE)
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What is eyebrow arching?

It is when you raise only one of your eyebrows, so it looks like an arch.
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What are island arches?

A series of volcanic islands formed by an older oceanic plate subducting under a newer oceanic plate.
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How do you raise your arches?

To avoid foot problems, increase and strengthen your arches you will need to raise your arches. Exercise the plantar fascia ligament and the posterior tibial tendon, which bot (MORE)
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Where were arches used?

I have just recently been studying Ancient Rome and its excellent archetectural feats, so I think one good example would be in the aqueducts and structural security for the co (MORE)
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Is there an anagram for arches?

Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search.
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What are glossopalatine arches?

It is the ridges or folds of mucus membrane crossing from the soft palate when you look in your mouth you can see them on either side of the tongue. They enclose the palatogl (MORE)
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What can be built with arches?

The simple arch (barrel arch) ,which was invented by the Etruscans, has a great load bearing capacity. Therefore, it was used to build large buildings, gates of walls and brid (MORE)