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Is the Archos 705 worth the money?

welll yes and no... Depending on what you do, and how much your paying for it. if you find it better than a Cowon A3, it's closest direct competitor then get it. UPD (MORE)
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How do you reset the archos?

how i reset archos 404 , wenh i trun power on only code 1 up
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Does the archos 605 have games?

Yes it does, but u have 2 pay $$$ for them. They are sold on the archos website.
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Is the archos 7 a phone?

No. The Archos 7 is a IMT (Internet Media Tablet) not a phone. Although it can perform a few capabilites that a phone would have.
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What is better archos 5 or archos 7?

archos 7 is better because it doesnot eat out with fat chicks;) no seriously archos makes great products and the best thing to do is get the break down by asking the expe (MORE)
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How do you charge an Archos MP3 player?

Use the short USB lead and plug into your computer. It will plug into the USB jack on a wireless router (mine works on my BT HomeHub), a laptop and the hard drive.
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What does archos stand for?

Archos is the Greek word for "master". As for the tablet company, the name is an anagram of "Crohas", which is the last name of Henri Crohas, the founder of Archos.
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What size tablets are available from Archos?

Archos produces tablets in 9 inches, 4.8 inches, 7 inches and 13.3 inches. The Archos 9 inch and the 13.3 inch run on Windows 7. The smaller 4.8 inch and the 7 inch tablet run (MORE)
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What type of products do Archos sell?

Archos is a consumer electronics manufacturing company. Archos in a French company that manufactures portable media players and tablets. It is a well-known company.
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What are the main features of Archos AV700?

The main features for an Archos AV700 are as follows:-Aspect ratio adjustment-Support multiple audio, picture, and video file formats-7 inch LCD display-480p aspect ratio-Swit (MORE)
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What kinds of accessories does Archos sell?

Archos is a technology company that manufactures internet tablets. They have a variety of tablets available, all of which can be purchased from Amazon.
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Where can one purchase an Archos DVR?

An Archos DVR can be purchased from all good electronics and television stores. For example, try webpage stores such as Amazon or Ebay to buy an Archos DVR.
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Where can one purchase archos 504?

A person can purchase an Archos 504 from a few different places. Some of these places include Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and Stunt Cams. A person might be able to purchase an Arch (MORE)